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5 rubber sandals you will learn to love

We’re not saying goodbye to our stilettos just yet, but there’s no denying we’ve been spending a lot more time with our sandals lately. In particular, with our rubber sandals. 

If a year of staying in and staying put has left your legs ever-so-slightly moulded to the fuzzy fleece lining of your favourite sweatpants, well, you’re not alone. They’re comfortable! Dependable. The sartorial equivalent of a warm hug from someone you love; someone you miss. A favourite show you no longer remember watching the first-time round.

Now, as whispers of re-emergence outfits begin to take hold, we’ve had a few battles to conquer. The motions of getting dressed, for one. “Hard pants” (see: jeans), for another — that was a tough one. Your next scheduled skirmish: footwear. A middle ground for shoes beyond the shearling insoles; beyond the orthopaedic.

You might sneer at these love-’em-or-hate-’em rubber sandals now but they are soft, plush places to tuck your toes. Just until you’re ready for something more advanced. Kitten heels, maybe?

(Hero and featured images: Crocs)

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Learn to Love Level: High

Gucci’s Elea platforms are archetypical Marmite — you’d either love them or not ‘get’ them; no stragglers in Switzerland. They give a bit of height, they’re a little bougie in black rubber grained to mimic leather, they’re perforated at the vamp — not in little circles à la the OG of Marmite shoes (see: entry #4), but fancy ‘GG’ motifs.

We’re stepping out in these and a billowy trapeze sundress, volume turned all the way up.

Approx. THB 15,240

Learn to Love Level: High, but tempered by a pretty detail

Cottagecore is alive, well and thriving, thank you very much. These Loeffler Randall clogs — shaped and perforated in a very familiar format — are made individual with extremely seasonally-appropriate gingham straps; a perfect complement to picnic blankets and baskets and pretty off-shoulder prairie tops, preferably trimmed in broderie anglaise. Throw in a raffia sunhat too.

Toggle the patterned strap from sports mode (i.e., up front) to adventure mode (i.e., slinged back) depending on the intensity of your preferred activity. A leisurely roam by the waterfront? The former. A harried sprint through Tamar Park? Very much the latter.

Approx. THB 6,300

Learn to Love Level: Spread it on toast — it’s peak Marmite

Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta has left us drooling after squared-toe sandals, pillowy clutches and big, bad gold chains. So, we won’t hold it against him for making us yearn for these rainy-day clogs, too, which are aptly named ‘Puddle’. Cute.

We’re big fans of the bubblegum-pink colourway that would look plenty fire in an all-black outfit pulled from the racks of The Row.

Approx. THB 21,016

Learn to Love Level: Extreme, but respect the hustle.

We’ve reached the OG of Marmite footwear — welcome. You’re in a safe space, it’s a no judgement zone. These Crocs are, arguably, made exponentially more Marmite with their jelly-like translucency, which prompts a second Marmite-y question: Socks or no socks? Why do toes framed behind transparent rubber feel, somehow, more exposed than going barefoot?

So, remind us to add funky patterned socks alongside approximately a million Jibbitz™ charms to our carts; we’re going to need options.

THB 1890

Learn to Love Level: Average

If you’re a fan of Demna Gvasalia’s Balenciaga, you’re a permanent resident of Marmite City. You love it. You get it. These Mono platform slides are, in all honesty, pretty tame for the brand. They’re a little ’90s, a little chunky, a little branded — and cast in a very this-season shade of turquoise. We’d wear them by the pool with frilly maillots and, then, wear them out to lunch in baggy denim. They’re versatile!

Approx. THB 16,363
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