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SIRIVANNAVARI brings Thai silk into fashion with the ‘S’Craft Craftmanship 2021’ collection

SIRIVANNAVARI BANGKOK introduces a whole new dimension of fashion with Thai silk from the exclusive ‘S’Craft Craftmanship 2021’ collection.

More than just fashion, SIRIVANNAVARI BANGKOK delivers timeless collections with a Thai twist to the eyes of the world. This time, they’re back with the limited collection of handbags that takes Thai artistry to the next level. They proudly present the exceptional art of craftsmanship that goes into every pieces. Furthermore, they’re shining the spotlight on the special silk collection collected from various silk weaving communities. Here’s a sneak peek into the exquisite S’Craft Craftmanship 2021 collection.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: SIRIVANNAVARI BANGKOK]


Making Thai silk the height of fashion

Though the quality of Thai silk is renowned throughout the world, SIRIVANNAVARI BANGKOK is going beyond this mere recognition. The ‘S’Craft Craftmanship 2021’ collection aims to create a new generation of Thai weaving artists and elevate Thai fabric conservation to a more practical level. Through the latest ‘Pa Thai Sai Hai Sanook’ textile design initiative, they’re hopeful that the showcase will bring to the fore traditional Thai wisdom as well as encourage the creativity of fabric designs.


One-of-a-kind collection of Thai silk bags

This limited S’Craft Craftmanship 2021 collection from SIRIVANNAVARI BANGKOK consists of only 120 pieces that come in seven unique designs. “Depending on the type of handbags, it could take up to eight hours to complete the embroidery process. We’ve embraces both Japanese and French embroidery techniques to showcase the meticulous craftmanship of Sirivannavari Embroidery Atelier and Academy,” said Ratirod Chulajata, the Vice President of SIRIVANNAVARI BANGKOK. Moreover, the signature ‘S’ logo and peacock badge are incorporated for a touch of glitz and glam. It’s a perfect mix of Thai and modern styles that will certainly add an element of lavishness to one’s fashion.

Visit the 4th floor ICONCRAFT at ICONSIAM for the ultimate Thai silk experience. Be sure to drop them a message via Facebook, Instagram, or Line if you have questions.

SIRIVANNAVARI brings Thai silk into fashion with the ‘S’Craft Craftmanship 2021’ collection

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