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More than just a pair of glasses, meet Space Eyewear Golf

More than just a pair of glasses, Space Eyewear is also a movement promoting diversity and inclusion. 

With today’s society striving to understand and recognise the importance of inclusivity, one brand that highlights that element is Space Eyewear. The company was founded by Pan Leenutaphong, who wanted to impact the fashion industry beyond materiality. The tagline “THIS IS NOT A PAIR OF GLASSES” implies how consumers don’t only wear their glasses for functionality. It’s also a fashion movement. Regardless of age, gender, beliefs, or ethnicity, the brand aims to tell a story, especially with its newly launched Space Eyewear Golf. 

[Hero & Feature Image Credit: Space Eyewear]

Throughout history, golf has been male-dominated, but there has been a remarkable change in this industry. Many women have been making a mark in the world of golf, and Space Eyewear is here to celebrate that. The new collection was inspired by Queen Rambhai Barni, who promoted women’s golf in Thailand from the early 20th century. With that, the label collaborated with Professional Golfer Jackie Chulya, as she has the same motives, representing Thai women’s impact in golf today. The Space Eyewear Golf line has specially tinted lenses designed to improve one’s golf game. For instance, those looking to enhance the golf ball’s visibility in the sky can check out the brown tints. Whereas their rose-coloured lenses are ideal for those looking to improve colour visibility. 

Space Eyewear has its flagship store at Siam Center and retails at multiple leading hotels, such as St. Regis Bangkok, Rosewood Phuket, and The Standard Hotel Bangkok. For further information, please visit their website here

More than just a pair of glasses, meet Space Eyewear Golf

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