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7 stay-at-home outfit ideas, inspired by K-pop idols

The pandemic lockdown has normalised comfort clothing and stay-at-home outfits like never before.

Thanks to the lockdown, stay-at-home outfits have become our everyday wear. We barely care about what we wear outside because we now turn our attention to at-home fashion. Whether it’s for work-from-home or purely for stay-at-home, we are constantly styling ourselves in new ways. Otherwise, it may get boring, and you’ll lose the motivation to go about your day. If you’re looking for new ideas, here’s a list of stay-at-home outfit ideas from K-pop celebrities that will help to boost your work-from-home productivity.

[Hero Image Credit: Instagram @bts_v]

An oversized long sleeve shirt

An oversized long sleeve shirt like Blackpink’s Lisa is a perfect choice if you want to wear something breezy. It’ll let you move around in your house comfortably.

Classic pyjamas

Pyjamas are a part of K-pop airport fashion that many idols are often seen wearing, and BTS members even wore them for their ‘Life Goes On’ music video too. Regardless of the patterns or style, these stay-at-home outfits are textbook essential.

A matching two-piece outfit

A matching outfit or a two-piece set will save you time from figuring out what to wear and add colour to your work-from-home vibe.

Tank Tops

We all know how frustrating Bangkok’s hot weather is, so you might want to consider wearing a tank top like Exo’s Kai. It’s one of the stay-at-home outfits that will keep you cool and help you bear the heat.

Velvet material

If you like keeping the AC on for the entire day, these velvet clothes will give you the comfort and cosiness that you need.

Dance practice outfits

These simple outfits that many K-pop idols swear by will keep your energy levels high throughout the day. Whether it’s a t-shirt or hoodie, make sure you pair with sweatpants and are ready to bust a move at any time.

Crop top and pant combo

The crop top and pant combo is a great outfit to bring the outside vibe to the inside. With this cute and chic outfit, you’ll always be ready for any last-minute team meeting and calls, too.

7 stay-at-home outfit ideas, inspired by K-pop idols

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