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Why Thai fisherman pants are the best pants for slowly going out again

There were times when we only wore Thai fisherman pants to get massages, or packed them almost ironically as souvenirs for our foreign friends. Those times have long passed.

As Bangkok slowly opens up again, and we carefully dip a toe outside to cafes and early dinners, there’s no denying that getting dressed has become a different affair.

Pre-pandemic, Bangkokians were high on their heels and excited in their crops, collars, and Cartier bracelets. We loved going out, and we loved dressing slightly formal for the occasion. Almost two years since the wide spread of COVID-19, however, fashion in the city has taken an interesting turn.

For one, we don’t look with disgust upon ugly sandals anymore. We’ve embraced bucket hats for unwashed hair. Everyone knows that athleisure is totally A-okay for grabbing coffee. And lately, if you’ve been spotting what we’ve been spotting, even the humble Thai fisherman pant is making a comeback.

Of course, a part of the phenomenon is wholly understandable. Thai fisherman pants are extremely comfortable. They’re one-size-fits-all, and can even be considered genderless clothing. They’re the ideal eating pants (something we’ve been doing a lot of), and all that wrapping and draping has a wonderful way of concealing post-pandemic weight gain. Now, with more brands turning their eye upon the classic Thai-style trousers, there’s even a lot of interesting designs, materials, and styles to choose from.

You could wear them with a bikini top on your next road trip to Hua Hin. You could wear them at home when you’re hosting a cosy dinner. We find them most appealing, however, out in the concrete jungle, paired with a smart bag and some flats (or heels!) as well as a crisp shirt or white tee.

Thai fisherman pants: could they become an urban style staple? Curiously, we sussed out a few independent fashion brands that are stocking them at the moment just in case. Given that Instagram shopping has become a close companion during pandemic nights, we’ve also included only Instagram stores for this feature. It felt right.

[Hero Image Credit: @notenough.official/Instagram; Featured Image Credit: @sue.loveseveryday/Instagram]


One of our favourite stores on this list, Not Enough makes Thai fisherman pants in longer-than-traditional lengths, with extremely sophisticated designs. The smooth fabric pairs easily with heels in a city setting, with some of the brighter designs working well for the beachside, too. We like that they also make a series of wrap skirts — in case pants aren’t your thing — and we enjoy the selection of matching tops, too.

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Munchu’s makes a selection of different clothing items, but their fisherman pants are definitely worth checking out. They feature very unique motifs, from St. Tropez lemons to a Bangkok bee. The latter model even features the iconic Scala cinema theatre within its pattern, bringing something playful to the eye of those who enjoy the smaller details. Imaginative and dreamy.

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As its name suggests, Seashells Swimwear makes a range of beachwear items, and their selection of fisherman pants is pretty big. Their designs range from bright beach-appropriate designs, to darker, more abstract pieces that make sense in the city, too. Experimental when it comes to materials, they even have a few pairs made from lace in pastel colours, for those seeking a more classic look.

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For fans of fun prints, Sue has what you’re seeking. The crafty Bangkok fashion brand makes both wrap skirts and wrap pants with really unique patterns in bold colours. We love that these can be mixed and matched in various ways, and we can already imagine ourselves sporting these to cocktail hour once bars re-open. Want to go full 2021 trendy? Pair with one of their handmade crochet bags to complete the look.

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It’s likely you’ve seen Bamboo Soup featured on the Instagram account of some of your favourite influencers, and it’s likely you remember, because Bamboo Soup’s fisherman pants are quite memorable. They are relatively price-friendly, with an endless variety (really, over 100 at least) of designs to choose from. This store makes a few options for children, too, so if you’re into matching outfits, here’s your go-to.

[Image Credit: @pataravarin via @bam.boo.soup/Instagram]

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Mixer Matcher aims to mix “exotic materials and artisanal work to sprinkle sunshine to your day,” so if this is a vibe you can get behind, take a look at their designs. Often describing them as “wallpaper you can wear,” the fisherman pants here are true works of art, with plenty to tease the eyes with. Whether you really mix and match between tops and bottoms, or keep it sleek with a statement piece, Mixer Matcher ensures you can have a lot of fun with it.

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