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The essential Game of Thrones style guide

You can tell that the costume department for Game of Thrones must be kept pretty busy. That’s even with over 100 people all working together to create the magnificent gowns, lavish capes, and intricate armour that most of us look past while watching all the drama of this hit TV show. Led by costume designer Michele Clapton (whose work has also been celebrated in The Crown), the style team for Game of Thrones put so much effort into details that they’ve got a mini “breakdown” department that works specifically on ageing the costumes by wearing them around so they look more used.

Clearly, Game of Thrones is a TV series which takes fashion seriously. And rightfully so. In a show that bursts with powerful women who can stand up for themselves in a ruthlessly patriarchal society, it’s important that the costumes reflect this female strength. Throughout the show, we see various types of physically and mentally strong women. From Sansa Stark’s princess-like silhouettes to Missandei’s skin-baring, ready-for-action outfits, Clapton’s designs have all been deliberate, meaningful, and always reflective of their wearers’ characters.   

So, if fashion is all about expressing yourself and creating confidence, you can’t go wrong with adopting some of Westeros’s female-empowering fashions to your wardrobe. Just in time for the season finale on May 19, get your GoT-inspired outfit ready with our guide to making the fiercest looks in the Seven Kingdoms your own.

[Hero and feature image credit: HBO.]

Sansa Stark

The Lady of the North wears sweeping princess-silhouettes that start off looking sweet and innocent in the earlier seasons, but then become darker in tone and thicker in material as her story on Game of Thrones progresses. This light pink gown worn at the end of the first season captures an early stage of this transition, combining soft colours with a powerful shape. For a version of this, look to Talbot Runhof’s gorgeous soft pink voile gown that provides the same regal silhouette with its draped cap-effect back and structured shoulders.

Cersei Lannister

The “evil queen” character everyone loves to hate: Cersei seems to be putting up both emotional and physical barriers as her style becomes more and more armour-like. Replacing her colourfully embroidered gowns in the earlier seasons with darker, metallic, full-coverage dresses, Cersei still reigns powerfully… in the fashion sense, at least. Get armour-glamour, such as in Cersei’s coronation outfit, with a full-sleeved sequin and crystal gown from Givenchy. (Crown and sneer not included).

Margaery Tyrell

Also a sweet-sounding, prim and proper lady on the exterior, Margaery is no fool and no weakling. Demonstrating her shrewdness by marrying strategically several times, she’s also given us plenty of wedding-worthy gowns to adore. Particularly stunning was her gold embroidered gown that she wore for her wedding to Tommen Baratheon. It’s characteristic of Margaery to go for brighter colours and metallic embroidery details, and we can look to Alice + Olivia for an evening dress which ticks all of these boxes.

Melissandre, a.k.a “The Red Woman”

Her style is in the name. The Red Woman is the enchantress, the powerful manipulator who knows how to use her sexuality to gain power – despite being 400 years old. If you’re looking to achieve this supernatural Femme Fatale aesthetic, this rich red number from Off-White perfectly captures The Red Woman’s mysterious and, admittedly, corrupt fierceness. 


Rising from slave girl to trusted advisor of the Mother of Dragons, Missandei is probably one of Game of Throne‘s most underrated figures of strength, intelligence, and compassion. With her wild head of hair, Missandei is also an icon of freedom, which is clearly reflected in the clothes she wears. Arguably no other character in television history has rocked the fitted crop top as awesomely as Missandei, who frequently pairs these with high-waisted skirts or wide trousers that allow her to move comfortably and freely. Thankfully, this relatively modern look isn’t difficult to get. Here are a few options.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Stormborn, House of Targaryen, Queen of the Andals, Mother of Dragons – and Ruler of Style. As another Game of Thrones character of incredible status progression, Daenerys has had the widest range in costumes. From the sheer, lightweight, floaty dresses in her innocent first season, through to her leather-clad Dothraki garments, and now her flesh-baring, curve-hugging outfits, the Lady of Dragonstone has been through a lot – and a lot of styles. The combination of her powerful status and her need to ride dragons from time to time results in some effortlessly regal looks with no frills or extravagant embellishments so that she can still move around. To style a Daenerys look, opt for light-coloured fabrics that you can move easily in. Stella McCartney does this, providing an elegantly wholesome version of Daenerys’ style. For a bit more stated power, Alexandre Vauthier goes for a plunging neckline and a dramatic silhouette, creating both Daenerys’ raw and regal aesthetic.

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