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The perfect look for each type of date, according to Siam Center’s Thai designers

There seems to be one thing on the minds of Thai designers this autumn: romance. Looking through all the new Fall/Winter 2019 collections at Siam Center, we’ve realised just how prominent love is going to be as a theme this season. It almost makes it seem like Bangkok is set to be the next “City of Love”, where couples walk everywhere hand-in-hand and candlelit tables for two are constantly occupied.

A blossoming romance is always an exciting time, particularly in a city where there are so many things you can see and do together. Whether you’ve booked a fancy dinner or plan on strolling around in an art gallery for an afternoon, a date is always so much better when you’re confident you’ve got the perfect outfit on. So here, we’ve created a guide with a few date-worthy looks from Siam Center’s hottest and most romantic Thai designers right now. The new Fall/Winter 2019 collections that have just landed in stores are giving us plenty of inspiration for romantic things to do in the city, along with outfits to wear for them. Whatever type of date you’re going on, make sure you’ve got the perfect look for the occasion. Let these Thai designers be your matchmakers this season.

[All images courtesy of Siam Center].


Under the title ‘Midnight in Paris’, Kloset’s FW19 collection was clearly made for lovers. With bright sunset colours and the recurring motif of the phrase ‘tu me reve’ written across the pieces, Kloset’s latest looks are perfect for mischievous nights out as well as intimate nights in.

The date: A movie night, followed by drinks at a bar under a neon sign.

The look: 



If your love is your saviour, your sanctuary, somewhere you feel safe and protected – then wear iCONiC for your date night. Their romantic and glamorously sophisticated new collection is perfect for the more “extra” of romantic dates. 

The date: Flying abroad for a glamourous dinner at the fanciest restaurant.

The look:




Inspired by the style of Pablo Picasso, it’s the only right choice for art-loving lovebirds. Senada’s latest collection is edgy yet comfortable, casual yet expressive. 

The date: An afternoon in an art gallery.

The look:




All about connecting with nature and the supernatural, Shaka’s ‘Wonder’ collection is ideal for lovers who are spiritually connected and share a love for the beauty of nature.

The date: A romantic picnic in the park.

The look:




Their ‘Homeland’ Fall/Winter 2019 Collection takes inspiration from the Thai heritage of farming and the idea of a single grain becoming an entire field of rice. Capturing the way a love can blossom, this comfy and lightweight collection is all about growth, increasing colour, and being full of life. 

The date: A secluded trip out of town. 

The look:



Q Design and Play

Classic tailoring meets unconventional graphics and mix-and-matching of materials in QDAP’s new collection. We love the blend of urban Bangkok vibes with a subtle formality in the cuts; you get to be the cool guy as well as the old-fashioned gentleman.

The date: Browsing a weekend vintage market.

The look: 



Leisure Projects

The ‘Perfect Imperfection’ collection perfectly encapsulates what it really means to love one another. Appreciating someone’s flaws, taking them as they are, and being able to open yourself up to them in return is one of the best signs of a great romance. Wear their quirky, eclectic looks to celebrate yours.

The date: A loud, unashamed karaoke night.

The look:



Shop all these looks from Thai designers at 1/F Siam Center, Rama I Road, Bangkok 10330 (10am-10pm).

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