Roses are red…everything else is pink. It seems Valentine’s Day is all about these two colours and these two colours only.

And rightly so. They’re the colours of romance, sweetness, flirtation, and not to mention a bit of sexiness. But when it comes to dressing up for the occasion, there’s a challenge to figuring out how to wear red and pink together. The two colours are equally bright, bold, and way too easy to clash horribly. Take your lipstick, blushers, shoes, and accessories into account as well and you’ve got yourself a messy parfait of garish colours. That’s not so sexy.

It’d be a mistake to underestimate the power of styling these two hues correctly for your Valentine’s Date. Doing it shows enthusiasm, a good sense of style, and there have even been scientific studies that show these colours have a primitive effect that makes you look more attractive.

To help you ease away a little of those Valentine’s Day jitters, we’ve gathered some red and pink style inspiration for you in time for this duo-chromatic day. Pairing these two tricky colours like a pro will definitely be one way to impress your date, so best get planning.

[Featured and hero image credit: Disaya]

Alice + Olivia

Try starting out with a monochromatic total look and then add different colours of accessories and shoes over the top for a more subtle colour clash.

Alice + Olivia SS20

The Kooples

Pro tip: the darker and earthier the red, the easier it is to pair with pink.

The Kooples SS20

Calvin Klein

A cheeky trick to styling red and pink? You wear one colour while your date wheres the other. The unisex Calvin Klein t-shirts are the perfect solution.

Calvin Klein Valentine’s Day Collection

Paul Smith

‘Real men wear pink’ is all the more relevant during Valentine’s season. And if you show up rocking an all-pink suit, you’re the absolute manliest.

Paul Smith SS20


Admit it: the best dates are the ones where you just stay in, ‘Netflix and Chill,’ and have a home-cooked dinner. Give it the proper Valentine’s treatment with these cosy red and pink sets from MCM.

Issey Miyake

Play around well with the many shades of pink and red, and you’ll realise the two colours can actually be quite hard to tell apart.

Issey Miyake Men SS20


If you decide to take on the bolder shades of red and pink, it’s best to take it all the way with a head-turning statement look.

Kloset SS20


The Disaya x Mew Nittha collection is just the kind of sweet, wholesome, and romantic red and pink inspiration we need this week.

Disaya x Mew Nittha

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