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Ride or tie-dye: 8 ways to wear the summer’s most colourful trend

If you’re one for trends and have been browsing the streets of Instagram style lately, you’ll know that tie-dye has made a bit of a comeback.

Rising in the 60s and 70s as a must-have staple before featuring prominently as a DIY activity at summer camps for children, tie-dye has always been associated with relaxed, ultra-colourful, and — dare we even say it — groovy vibes. Yet whilst it was formerly reserved for a beach vacation, what we’re really loving about tie-dye in 2020 is its appearance in the urban space.

A little psychedelic, a little chill pill in fashion form, and a whole lot of colour: here’s how you can wear the summer’s most vibrant trend in style.

[Featured and Hero Image Credit: Versace]


Starting our list with a truly eye-catching number, this swimsuit (approx. THB 17,647) blends together a tie-dye of green and blue hues and a print of Gianni Versace’s signature across the chest. We love the high-cut legs and low back, beautifully elongating the frame for the belle of the beach.

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Why does it feel like Kanye would really like this number? Les Tien’s hoodie (approx. THB 19,142) features a cool navy and lilac pattern, created by the label’s very own LA-based dye house. Extremely comfortable and perfect for lazy at home or airport travels, pair with the matching track pants for and extremely laid-back tie-dye look.

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Tie-dye pairs very well with denim, given that both entities share a sweet nostalgic flair. Combining both tie-dye and a denim look into one item, this Pomelo skirt (THB 990) has something very young and playful about it for a high school sweetheart kind of vibe.

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Following a similar feel to the Pomelo skirt just above, this Solid & Striped bikini top (approx. THB 3529) features a pastel-pink and white tie-dye motif that beautifully brings out any kind of tan you may be boasting. Featuring a classic shape that does not pull away from the design, it makes for a fun and feminine look by the pool.

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For warmer hues, this Pomelo sweater (THB 390) is a loose and light option for those who want to embrace tie-dye jumpers, but are also wary of the Bangkok heat. The comfortable material makes for easy wearing, whilst the rounded crew neckline provides a nicely casual look.

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There’s something about this Alanui Baja cardigan (approx. THB 59,857) that makes us want to sit around a bonfire with a group of friends and just chill. It’s wholly fitting, given that Alanui was inspired by the 1960s and a passion for vintage knitwear. In this piece, the tie-dyed wool is bordered by fringing for a rustic look and feel, with a belt to cinch the waist, because a waist must always be cinched. Love.

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Tie-dye need not always be reserved for out-of-city adventures. As this 16 Arlington Dress (approx. THB 26,240) proves, you could also sport it to a cocktail party, or on a day you are feeling particularly flamboyant at the office. Made from slightly stretchy satin in halterneck style, pair with a mean smoky eye, and welcome yourself as the greatest woman in the place with style and grace.

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Here’s a nod towards modern millennial aesthetics. Extremely cheeky but also extremely vibe-y, we love this Aries sweatshirt (approx. THB 10,311) featuring the brand’s signature tie-dye with its infamous ‘NO PROBLEMO’ slogan printed across the chest. Pair with jeans or shorts for a really relaxed look. No problemo.

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