If you’ve found it difficult to make your smartwatch match the rest of your outfit, you’re not alone. For those of us who don’t dress like Steve Jobs all the time, gadgets like the apple watch can be a real nuisance to your wardrobe. Everyone loves convenient technology, but how fashionable can it be? As tech becomes more and more wearable, it’s no surprise that big fashion brands feel like they should be joining in the digital fun.

Louis Vuitton is one such brand, and it’s taken a big step into the world of smart tech. The release of the L.V. Tambour Horizon watch is the result of Louis Vuitton looking at current smartwatches and thinking, “it’s ‘time’ for a makeover”.

Tambour Horizon has a digital touchscreen display; it’s got wifi and bluetooth features, it’s water-resistant up to 30 metres, and it’s charged via a magnetic disc-cradle cable. So is it basically a Louis Vuitton branded apple watch? Not exactly. Here’s how the luxury fashion house is making wearable tech a little more…wearable.

Louis Vuitton’s new Tambour Horizon.

Louis Vuitton is known for a cult following made of fashionable travellers. With its famous monogram luggage line, city guides, and travel notebooks, the luxury fashion brand is now treating its jet-setting clientele with the ultimate travel companion. While other smartwatches tend to be fitness-focused, the Tambour Horizon watch is built for travelling and exploring. It comes with two distinctive travel apps: the LV Guide and My Flight.

The LV Guide notes which country you’re in and can recommend you things to do and places to go. It can recommend you the best restaurant in the area, for example, and then make a reservation for you before providing you with Google Maps-powered directions. My Flight is like your PA when you’ve got a flight to board. It stores all the information you need like flight times and gate number. It can also countdown to when you should start heading to the gate so you know when to stop shopping and start getting ready to board.


You’ve still got your micro-conveniences such as text and email services, weather updates, wifi, and bluetooth. Of course you can also stream and store music (and listen to your songs through L.V. wireless Horizon Earphones if you really want to go to town). Although it isn’t fitness-focused, the watch still has a step-counter so you can see how much exploring you’ve done in day.

Of course, a Louis Vuitton smartwatch was never going to be simply functional. There are currently 60 changeable straps on offer as well as changeable watch faces. These include faces pulled from other Louis Vuitton watches, so having just this one smartwatch is like carrying around 6 other L.V. timepieces on your wrist. And then some. You can really change your watch up as much as you change your clothes and finally get a smartwatch that goes with all your outfits and accessories. The Tambour Horizon has a playful touch to its travel focus too: the City Game feature is a fun and interactive way to unlock new watch faces. The game takes you on a tour of iconic cities featured in L.V. City Guides, and as you collect more points (measured in kilometres travelled in the game), the more city watch faces you unlock.

Smart tech is clearly here to stay, so we’re glad to see it’s getting a bit more fashionable. The design-first Tambour Horizon may not have all the tricks and gimmicks of other smartwatches in the market, but it certainly “ticks” the boxes for stunning design and luxury customisabilty. Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Horizon watch is now available in stores at starting prices of THB 85,000.

Karn Chatikavanij
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