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5 types of people who will love HermèsFit, Hermès’ latest bespoke gym experience

Where can fitness fanatics and workout newbies hang out this week? Head over to HermèsFit.

In these ever-evolving times, our health and fitness must come first. And what’s to complain when one of the leading French luxury design houses is serving us just that?

Get ready to experience Hermès accessories with a fitness twist. Hermès announces HermèsFit, an event that invites friends and followers of the house to break a sweat in a bespoke Hermès gym. Activities range from yoga with carrés to stretching with belts and shadowboxing with bracelets. 

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Image Credit: Hermès

Kicking off in Bangkok at Central World Square between 18th and 27th March 2022, HermèsFit offers an active way of experiencing Hermès accessories – an elegant, joyful expression of fun and fitness.

In all its inventive glory, HermèsFit is sure to offer anyone a great time with an even better sense of style. And among others, here are the top five types of people who we believe will especially enjoy this one-of-a-kind exhibit.

The Gym Rat

It’s impossible to not mention the gym rat –  after all, this is what this entire exhibition is about. With HermèsFit, you’ll see your fitness dreams come to life with some elegance and fun. 

Image Credit: Hermès

Vividly decorated in the house’s signature orange, the interactive space is complete with rooms for scheduled workout classes, a weights wall complete with custom Hermès barbells and kettlebells, a locker room, a carré-inspired callisthenics course, a boxing ring and a climbing wall, which each double as a photo booth, a juice bar, and more. Book your spaces now, and be prepared to break a sweat!

The Blogger

With this one-of-a-kind, unique occasion in tow, there’s no way anyone would leave this place without a photo or two. This is why we think it is the perfect chance for any blogger or influencer out there to visit and document this space.

Running for only ten days, the bespoke HermèsFit gym has the house’s branding and design down to a T, which makes it a very inviting, interactive universe with much to explore and discover. 

Image Credit: Hermès

Besides the brand’s signature orange, every room is also filled with graphic motifs adorning the walls relating to Hermes, the ancient Olympian deity in ancient Greek mythology, where the house’s name is inspired from. Expect white Greek pillars on the walls, ancient Greek statues, all with a modern and minimal twist. Not to mention a photo booth!

The Adventurer

Anyone who wants a taste of something fresh, fun, and innovative should not miss this space. Mixing high fashion couture with history, art, accessories and the modern lifestyle, the HermèsFit is as interactive as it is visionary.

Image Credit: Hermès

For an adventurous soul who loves to explore all things new, expect to experience this bespoke gym with a twist. This is where you will get to get your hands dirty, do yoga, climb, and exercise, but it is also where you will see the visions of the house and artist come to life.

The Party Animal

This isn’t only a place to get your heart rate up, but it is also where you can meet new people and have fun with your friends. 

Image Credit: Hermès

In the evening, the central boxing ring – complete with punching bags decadently decorated with silk carré prints in the nearby area – is transformed into a nightclub for performances on the weekends. Expect DJ sets, live concerts, and upbeat tunes to make you dance the night away. The vibrant, round ping pong table will also challenge you and your friends to a fun match. To top it all off, visitors are also encouraged to strike a pose in the photobooth for a knockout #HERMESFIT moment to keep the memories of the night alive.

The Fashionista

What’s an Hermès exhibition without the fashion lovers themselves? At HermèsFit, visitors will get the opportunity to see and interact with Hermès’ new accessory collection – from its silky scarves, leather belts, fragrances, down to the bag and shoes – all while exercising.

Image Credit: Hermès

After putting your belongings in the locker room, head into Carré Yoga, where you will find your balance in a series of scarf-inspired poses. In Belt Stretching, pick the perfect belt to help you breathe, stretch, and relax. Grab your bangles to kick and punch in style in Kickboxing with Bracelets. In the Hat Balance Challenge, it’s all about keeping your hat on. Lastly, hold onto the brands’ iconic wallets and purses in the Small Leather Goods Workout, and gracefully improve your strength and flexibility.

How to attend

Image Credit: Hermès

Either sign up at hermes.com or stop by any time with friends and family to discover the space at your leisure. You can also book a class online to enter the gym and meet your trainers. Brightly dressed in orange, our lighthearted local coaches are on hand to guide you through your chosen workout sessions, promising an unexpected way to get to grips with the house’s métiers.

Open to the public starting 18th March, the ten-day event is a continuation in a global series with stopovers all over the world (Tokyo, New York and Paris…), sharing its generous spirit worldwide. Unique and upbeat, HermèsFit is a new way to get active with the house’s beloved accessories – not to mention have fun.

5 types of people who will love HermèsFit, Hermès’ latest bespoke gym experience

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