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Do you actually know what upcycling is?

Time to spring (or summer) clean your wardrobe for something new.

‘Upcycling’ has been buzzing around the fashion industry for quite some time now. Why? This new trend is definitely more ethical and greener than secondhand clothing. This fashion technique could soon take over your wardrobe, but before that, here’s a lowdown on what you need to know.

Just like history, fashion eternally repeats itself, but designers and top brands are continually on the lookout for sustainable solutions to reduce their collections’ impact on the planet.

Many ready-to-wear labels and store chains are developing this solution. Upcycling offers added value to garment waste and unused items and transforms them high-quality pieces.

This technique goes beyond traditional recycling because it entails a virtuous circle that allows the fashion industry to generate less waste, to produce less and therefore to limit its impact on the environment.

From Marine Serre to Banana Moon

Several brands have already adopted upcycling, however, it generally applies to one part of their collections. In September 2019, Marine Serre’s “Marée Noire” (Oil Slick) collection comprised several upcycled pieces. To create the pieces, the French designer used leftover stocks of fabric and gave them a high-end second life.

Banana Moon also chose to transform its fabric offcuts into a swimwear collection for its Summer 2020 collection, while Gant recently presented a capsule collection of shirts upcycled from fabric leftovers from previous collections.

Upcycling also encompasses the use of vintage garments, which are either taken apart and re-stitched together in new ways — such as LA brand Re/Done does with jeans — or that are taken as whole pieces and reworked into more contemporary designs featuring customization, along the lines of ASOS Reclaimed Vintage or reworked by the wearers themselves.

Upcycling is not only the buzzword to know in the realm of fashion right now, it also represents the future of the industry.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.