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Introducing Peaches Active, the latest athleisure brand breaking the stigma of diet culture

It’s not enough to just look good – you’ve got to feel your best too. 

This is where Peaches Active comes in.

We know what you’re thinking – there’s another activewear brand in town? But hey, the more the merrier, right? And trust us, Peaches Active is different and is also here to make a difference.

In this day and age – and especially in this part of the world – where diet culture is prevalent and the only acceptable body size for ‘activewear’ is oftentimes closer to 0, there’s not a lot of options for women out there. Recognising this problem, founder Prao Vikitsreth, a fitness lover herself, decided to step in to launch Peaches in an effort to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to get fit and healthy and feel amazing while doing so. 

“Inclusivity and self-love are vital components of Peaches,” founder Prao explains. “Since I was young, I’ve had trouble with self-love. But now, I realise that we are all beautiful and it really depends on how we feel inside and that also extends to what we wear.

Any size, any time, any place

Inclusivity and empowerment lie at the forefront and core of Peaches, which seeks to break the stigma of diet culture that is so prevalent across society. From their supporting sports bras to active booty shorts, each and every one of Peaches’ gorgeous active pieces are made with top-quality materials and are also versatile, fashionable, trendy, comfortable, and, most importantly – are the perfect fit for women, no matter what their body type is.

Peaches’ clothes emphasise on embracing all body sizes for those who want to be active, feel beautiful and seen in the clothing that they wear, and to feel represented in it too.

“It is a fairly new concept in Thailand,” the brand notes. With inclusivity and empowerment at its core, Peaches aims to empower women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident, amazing, and beautiful in their own skin, and to not be afraid to be different. It also aims to break the narrative that fitness culture is all about small sizes and bodies – any woman anywhere can wear Peaches, regardless if they fit certain beauty fitness standards or not, and help break the stigma that being fit and active only belongs to those with zero-sized bodies.

Functional, versatile, and super sleek

Having already launched three collections since it was founded just a year or so ago, Peaches’ activewear also places importance on functionality, durability, versatility, and style.

Coming in with a range of colours to choose from, the pieces are all made from premium fabric that are soft to the skin and flexible for all movements. With the semi-stretch fabric, the cutting is perfectly suitable for both support and comfort – whether you’re at the gym or using it for daily wear.

The Reversible Crop Top from the Ribbed Collection, for example, is a 2-in-1 reversible top for an easy, more efficient way to diversify and update your look. Another one of our favourites is also The Leggings from the Polycra Collection. Coming in two colours, its ultra-slimming function comes with a high-waisted fit and is durable for both compression and shaping.

About the founder

A self-proclaimed fitness lover, Prao Vikitsreth is a self-taught marketer, entrepreneur, graphic designer and brand strategist with a degree in Politics and Sociology from King’s College, London.

Prao decided to launch Peaches Active during the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, in an effort to find a way to create a community of like-minded individuals of fitness and health lovers like herself to connect and find empowerment through one another. 

“I always wanted to do something on my own and work for something that I was passionate about. Fashion, working out and living a healthy lifestyle have always been a big part of my life,” she explains. “Especially during the wake of the pandemic where everyone was home, maybe not feeling their best and looking for ways to make them feel better (me included), I wanted to make something of my own and create something that would at least be able to help people come out of that slump they’re in.”

Noting on her slogan ‘wear anytime, do anything’, Prao also emphasised on self-love and inclusion behind her line of collections.

“Unfortunately, society is still deep in diet culture, and Peaches Active seeks to break that stigma. I’ve been inspired by international brands that focus more on plus size, inclusivity and self-love, but I know there’s still work to do.”

Introducing Peaches Active, the latest athleisure brand breaking the stigma of diet culture

Pear Maneechote

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