If there’s one thing millennials are known for, it’s that we’re constantly switching up the status quo. And now that the 20-30 somethings are gradually approaching the age for marrying and wedding planning, you can bet we’ll be saying “I Don’t” to old-fashioned dress codes and “I Do” to more personal and unique modern bridalwear that will allow us our own freedom of style. But what exactly do wedding dresses for millennials look like? A better question would be: what do wedding dresses for millennials not look like?

There are few traditions that the new marrying lot are doing away with. Wedding dresses no longer have to be floor-length, white, or even a dress at all. And who says you need only one for the special occasion? The rise of “Influencer” style weddings have seen millennials opting for several changes throughout the day, in order to create a dramatic look for the actual wedding but then slipping into something a little more fluid in order to dance the night away at the reception. Millennials have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for themselves, making the new-gen wedding day so much more exciting, personalised, and fashionable than ever before.

If you’re a lucky lady looking for a refreshingly new wedding style, here we have a round-up of some Thai and international labels that are embracing modern demands in bridal fashion.

[Hero and Feature image: Zac Posen for White One Bridal]

Finale Wedding Studio


These Thai wedding specialists provide the whole package for your big day. From dresses to photography, Finale Wedding Studio are obsessed with creating the perfect day for the bride — just the way she likes it. What’s brilliant about their service is that they always manage to stay relevant to upcoming trends and new generation preferences. Exploring beyond the realm of white lace full-sleeve gowns, they’ve created stunning pieces using chiffon, tulle, and feathering. They also offer an unlimited choice in personalised colours and are able to match the hues of the bride’s dreams. This is all with the expertise with their hundreds of designers and resources from all over the world, having boutiques in 15 countries from London to Dubai.

Finale Wedding Studio. Lad Prao Soi 112, Bangkok. www.finaleweddingstudio.com. Tel: +66 969198926 / 617828993.

Reflex Angela


Established only since 2014, Reflex Angela is a relative youngster in the bridal market. But that’s all to their advantage, of course. The Bangkok brand is a  specialist in understanding the modern style preferences of younger generations, particularly those who have grown up with urban lifestyles and trends. Their on-trend wedding dresses for millennials are lightweight, fluid, and just the right amount of revealing. From triangle bare-backs to striking capes, this is a label that combines bridalwear and city it-girl glamour.

Reflex Angela. Showroom at Petchburi Soi 33, Bangkok. Tel: +662 019 5754.

White Asava

Few other Thai couturists understand women quite like Polpat Asavaprapha. The founding creative director of Asava Group is no less accommodating when it comes to bridalwear and wedding dresses. Revamping his White Asava bridal label, this season’s showroom is filled with surprising twists on the traditional rules of wedding dress codes. Most noticeably, the designer challenges the idea that women have to wear dresses at all; and so, he’s provided samples of beautifully elegant cream trouser suits in lace and sheer organzas. If anything, these would be ideal for brides who want to get out of their long gowns and into something more party-permitting. But what’s also “new-age” in White Asava’s repertoire is their use of bright vivid colours, completely diverting from the tradition that even their label’s name represents. Choose from a range of pinks, blues, and oranges to bring a new kind of energy to your unique wedding — all with the assurance of Asava’s signature taste and gracefulness.

White Asava. www.asavagroup.com. Tel: +66 2-662-6526 (ext .40). 

Zac Posen for White One

All you 2020 brides can rejoice because international high fashion has officially come together with not only comfort and accessibility, but affordability too. American designer Zac Posen has teamed up with Barcelona bridal label, White One, to create 20 bridal gowns and 10 accessories all designed with modern women in mind. The designer of Princess Eugenie’s wedding reception dress knows all about glamour and high craftsmanship, of course. But this time, he’s also factored in minimalist silhouettes and comfortable materials into the equation. While supremely elegant and classy, these movable dresses would be fit and fluid enough to be worn by ballerinas. The collection will be launching in bridal stores at the beginning of 2020.

White One Bridal, www.whiteonebridal.com.


SiriBride dresses at the Sirivannavari Spring/Summer 2019 show.

Remember that final statement-making gown at the end of the Sirivannavari Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show? Well, that was the introduction to the stunning gowns that are available now as part of the label’s bridal collection, SiriBride. Haute couture yet still accessible, these dresses are designed for modern Thai women. Ranging from downplayed elegance to full-on show-stopping, these gowns are born out of on-trend fashion design rather than tradition-bound bridal labels.

Sirivannavari. 1/F Siam Paragon, Rama I Road, Bangkok. www.sirivannavari.com. Tel: +66 2-129-4877.

Jimmy Choo

We can’t forget about the bridal shoes, of course. As well as more personalised wedding dresses for millennials, the accessories have to be completely unique for the bride too. The best made-to-order shoes we’ve seen this season are by (no surprises) Jimmy Choo, the king of haute couture footwear and the most glamorous heels in the industry. With their new M-T-O shoe workshop, you can select everything from the height of the heel to the personalised monograms or message on the under-sole. Want a pair of glittery Cinderella heels topped with a Swarovski crystal cluster? Jimmy Choo’s your fairy godmother. Want to challenge the norms and wear something more comfortable under that wedding gown? Jimmy Choo can get you some bejewelled bridal platform sneakers. After all, it’s your day.

Jimmy Choo. M/F Siam Paragon, Rama I Road, Bangkok. M/F Emquartier, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. www.jimmychoo.com. 

Vatit Itthi

Modern fashionista brides with a love for sleek, figure-flattering dresses and local designers should turn to Vatit Itthi. Best known for their contemporary outlook and versatility, the Thai bridal label combines the most loved silhouettes in Thai couture with contemporary attitudes in style. Vatit Itthit isn’t afraid to try new things, and is most enthusiastic when it comes to new requests and modern styles. Whether the designer uses silky satin fabric to catch the light as you make an entrance, or soft chiffon roping to give you a chic rustic look, you’re sure to find yourself with a unique dress that brings out the best in you.

Vatit Itthi, www.instagram.com/vatit_itthi


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