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Weekend muse: swim shorts that’ll woo everyone on your next weekend trip

Could you imagine any other item of clothing that would be totally cool getting totally soaked and then being worn to dinner?

Swim shorts: simultaneously the most overlooked yet most brilliant item of clothing in a man’s closet.

Clearly avid fans, we’ve long loved swim shorts for exactly the reasons their fellow closet companions can’t seem to fathom. They can be extremely bright and bold, or subdued and subtle. They can be long, they can be short, or they can be very short. Anything goes, really. They’re a little bit like the ‘fun socks‘ of the shorts world, boasting a breezy vibe as the uptown cousin of regular pants. You could wear them on the sand and in the sea, and you could also pair them with a crisp shirt and loafers for a summer sundowner and a date.

They don’t take themselves too seriously, and that’s exactly the kind of attitude we like heading right into the weekend. Here are our favourites of the minute that will ensure you are the most handsome man on the beach, at the bar, or just on your condo balcony.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: TIMO Trunks] 


Starting our list with a classy pattern and a fresh pop of colour, we love this pair of TIMO Trunks (approx. THB 4480) for their urban and sophisticated flair. As suitable for the beach as it is for dinner overlooking it, TIMO Trunks have long been on our hot list. The best part? It’s actually a Thai brand — and it’s made it big and bold abroad, too.

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A collaboration together with the Danish The GOODS store, this TIMO Trunks pair (THB 4330) celebrates the craft of indigo dye through its handmade graphic print, beautifully blurring the lines between geometric and organic. Finding perfection in imperfection, it’s a very swim-friendly length for swim shorts, and also looks good on many skin tones.

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Available exclusively at Mr Porter, these Mr P. swim shorts (approx. THB 2490) are a classic rendition for no-fuss mens’ swimwear, yet deliver plenty to love in terms of colour. There is something wildly attractive about pink on a man, and this pair of shell trunks is the perfect example. Beyond fashion, they’re also really functional – the shorts have embroidered eyelets so they won’t balloon as you emerge from the pool. Phew.

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Another classic within which you just can’t do wrong, these Gucci swim shorts (approx. THB 21,352) have something really preppy about them, making them the ideal weekend getaway shorts. Think, The Hamptons — or perhaps Hua Hin. Detailed with the Italian label’s recognisable stripes, they’re subtle and not too flashy, even though you’ll always be the most dashing man on the beach in white shorts.

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Getting a bit more literal with the theme here, Vilebrequin makes many a fun swim short, and these mid-length Moorea shorts (approx. THB 8215) are no different. This exact pattern has been a beloved one for the brand since the 1970s, featuring a vibrant ‘Go Bananas’ motif. Perfectly suited to weekend getaways, how does the song go? If you like piña coladas…

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And now for our personal favourite. Extremely cheeky, a little notorious, and very daring: we love these Isabelle Daza x TIMO shorts (THB 4480). Featuring a naughty pattern that still manages to keep things light and sneaky, you’ll definitely be catching a lot of eyeballs no matter where you head this weekend.

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