In the end, hope always tends to triumph over experience. So no matter how many times we make New Year’s Resolutions — and how many times we proceed to break them before January’s over — we always promise ourselves that this year will be different. After all, what better time to start afresh than the new year? We already know there’s room in ourselves to be better at something — all that’s needed is that festive period of optimism to come around again to give us that little push and squeeze. So, by all means go ahead and embrace that optimism. It’s one of the best things that come with a new year, and one of the most important things we’ll have to help pull us through it.

Oh, and here’s just a little extra tip. Because maybe, just maybe, having the right outfits and accessories this time will be that little thing that makes a difference to your resolution-keeping this year. Although clothes make neither the man nor the woman, they do give them joy and self-confidence. At the end of the day, isn’t that what all your resolutions aim towards anyway?

So whether or not a Marc Jacobs tote bag will inspire you to read a book every month, and whether or not that adidas x Alexander Wang gym bag will get you up and running every morning in 2020, I have a feeling there’s joy to be found anyway in treating yourself a little as you turn to face another year. Now, let’s go get dressed and face the music!

Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to… read more books

They say reading (real) books can bring all kinds of benefits from helping you relax to fighting Alzheimer’s. So it’s time to tackle that stack of books you’ve been building up at home over the past year and start boosting that brain power. One easy way to keep reading is to take your books with you wherever you go. A good tote bag will act as your stylish reminder to do so. We love Coach’s latest collection of sturdy glossy leather totes with a functional shoulder strap, while the size of MOO’s striped tote bag will certainly let you fit in a few more books. And, of course we all love Marc Jacob’s Peanuts collection. Comics count as books too, right?

Coach Holiday Horse & Carriage Tote


MOO Striped Tote

Peanuts x Marc Jacobs Tote

Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to… travel more

Who doesn’t wish they could jet off to some exotic faraway place more often? Seeking out new experiences, living amongst different cultures, and feeding fabulous content to the ‘gram have been the key mission statements of our generation this year. In order to keep this up, you’re going to need a few sartorial companions that’ll inspire your next destination as well as serve you there in quality fashion and function. Going away already? Stay warm and adventurous this January with these winter-ready pieces.

Weekend Maxmara Flannel Padded Jacket

Dior x Rimowa Cabin Luggage


The Ski Project Moon Boots


Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to… get better sleep

If the year 2019 was any indication, it’s that life moves pretty fast. A hectic lifestyle and an ever-busier schedule can only get you so far if you don’t get enough rest. As a New Year’s Resolution, you might want to consider kicking it back a notch and embracing a little more self-care. Quality sleep can do wonders for productivity, so, although it may sound counter-intuitive, you could be making 2020 your most productive one yet with these pyjamas and bedtime accessories.

Sretsis pyjama shirt eye mask

Emilio Pucci blanket

Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to… be more organised

This year, Hermès released ‘In The Loop’, a little collection of little leather accessories that help you get your life together. Gathering all functions for modern life — from pouches and phone cases to card holders — we get a luxurious and colourful way to keep tabs on all our stuff. It’s certainly shown how a little extra effort in accessories and style can transform the convenience and ease of our daily routines. Here are just a few more ideas on how to get more organised this year.

Hermès In The Loop Pouch

Kate Spade Tom & Jerry passport holder

Gucci Ophidia Mini Backpack

Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to… get fit

Ah, ’twas the season of over-indulging. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one; almost everybody’s New Year’s Resolutions will involve something along the lines of ‘get in better shape’, or ‘hit the gym everyday’, or ‘never touch a banoffee pie again’. Inevitably, the new year must come with a new set of “gymspiration”, including a killer work out wardrobe. So, lace up a pair of fresh Nikes from the newly opened JD Sports (great timing, Siam Center), and head to the treadmill with these hot athletic pieces.

DKNY Sport workout top

adidas x Alexander Wang gym bag

Special Christmas edition Nike trainers


Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to… be more eco-friendly

Sustainability was the word of 2019. If you want to do more to go green next year (which should be on everybody’s New Year’s resolutions, really), the wardrobe really is a great place to start. From avoiding wasteful fast-fashion brands to boycotting leathers and furs, you can also start paying more attention to each item’s production processes. Not all style is lost — some of the coolest brands right now are putting the environment at the forefront. Stella McCartney, as always, is the go-to fashion house for luxury-meets-sustainability pieces. Labels like Ports Group’s PortsPure are also turning towards using recycled textiles in their collections. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with buying from local and ethical brands like Juralyn.

Stella McCartney pink jacquard blouse


PortsPure knitted dress
new year's resolutions-style-guide

Juralyn woven reed bag

Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to… earn more

Girl bosses, guy bosses, everyone bosses — we’ll all be starting the new year refreshed and well-rested, ready to get hands-on and hustling once again. Walk into the office with some new killer pieces and you’ll be exuding not just confidence, but motivation too. After all, if you’re dressing well, you’ll want to perform well too. Bring on the new year, and let’s go get it.

Bottega Veneta briefcase

Saint Laurent large wallet

Tod’s Gommino leather loafers


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