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Weekly Obsessions: LV’s Pink Capucines BB Bag, Fendi’s FF Logo Pencil Skirt and more

With an endless number of luxury labels in Bangkok, sometimes it’s hard keeping up with new releases all the time. At Lifestyle Asia, we’re privileged to get a first look at the most exciting new launches every single day, but it’s virtually impossible to cover every single lust-worthy find we have our eyes on. That’s why we’ve created this Weekly Obsessions roundup, in order to give you an exclusive list of all the highly covetable items we are lusting over — because, if it’s on our radar, it should definitely be on yours. From Fendi’s  to Louis Vuitton’s Pink Capucines BB Bag and LELET NY’s ‘Thank U Next’ Crystal Barrette, browse through our top-rated picks to uncover what we’ve been obsessing over this week.



I’m in love with pencil skirts and I’m in love with Fendi, so when I saw this particular pencil skirt (THB 33,555) – what with its iconic ‘FF’ logo pattern (which up close appears like a mosaic your eyes could get lost in) and a flattering brown and black colour combination, I instantly said: “I want that one”! Fresh off Fendi’s latest season of stylish offerings, this intarsia knitted skirt has a high waist, which offers its wearer a nice and shapely hourglass figure. And even if it’s below the knees, it’s still incredibly sexy and could be dressed down during the day with a plain white t, or dressed up for the night with something just as right. They say Fendi is the only F-word worth knowing. Well, just for this week? Alright then! – Catherine Napalai Faulder, Managing Editor


Louis Vuitton Pink Capucines BB Bag

Since their latest launch of the new limited edition Capucines in collaboration with global artists, Louis Vuitton have had me hooked on their iconic handbag. The Capucines bag in BB size (from THB 156,000) is simple, functional, and elegant – and super collectible. The fact that it’s so versatile and able to be recreated in an infinite number of ways is the perfect setup for any iconic handbag. Right now, I’m particularly pining for this magnolia pink Capucines BB with a flurry of red and white satin ribbons. Like fireworks or pom poms, the bag reminds me of celebrations and cheer; it’s uplifting in every way. I’m also intrigued by its subtle oriental touch – the satin sparks are like Japanese “lucky ribbons” or the flames of Chinese dragons. And together, the romantic colour and eccentric silhouette make this bag a great finish to any spring outfit.


Carolina Herrera This Good Girl Dot Drama perfume

Perfume in its scent and form is an ode to woman’s life and joy. I’ve used and loved many perfumes my whole life but This Good Girl Dot Drama by Carolina Herrera in Almond scent (THB 5,750) I came across recently has the most appealing and sensual appearance. The bold stiletto heel-shaped bottle with a polka dot motif and its sweet almond notes totally empowers the feminist in me. Once sprayed, the sweet smell lingers on my skin, accentuating my style with a whiff of womanly aromas. – Kankanit Wichiantanon, Staff Writer. 


LELET NY ‘Thank U Next’ Crystal Barrette

I don’t know why hair clips are so trendy this summer, but I’m certainly not complaining. A stylish way to tame any mane, I have long been a fan of LELET NY, and the second I saw their ’Thank U Next’ Crystal Barrette (THB 7,557), I knew we’d become good friends. Granted, you can’t even look at it without singing Ariana Grande’s song in your head, yet there is something so young and fun about it that adds a light-heartedness to any look. Everyone from Chrissy Teigen to Millie Bobbie Brown to my own personal idol Leandra Medine Cohen has been rocking LELET NY, and it’s really great to see they’re available in Thailand now too. Make way, ladies and gentlemen, I’m totally ready to be saying “thank u, next” to any bad hair days this season. — Lisa Gries, Staff Writer


Pañpuri Lotus Defense Face Treatment Oil


It was World Environment Day earlier this week, which got me thinking again about the relationship between us and our surroundings. When it comes to the synergy between our bodies and the planet, I do believe in that saying, ‘what goes around, comes around’. Choosing Earth-conscious beauty products is a must for me, because living with damaged air and damaged water is surely a reason for damaged skin and health. Pañpuri is one of Thailand’s best brands for clean beauty. They’re extremely dedicated to using only ingredients that are safe to you and the planet, forbidding over 2300 ingredients often used in standard brands – that’s a stricter self-regulation than you’ll find even in Korea. I’ve recently started using this Lotus Defense Face Treatment Oil (THB 2,600) and I’m never turning back. Not only is my face glowing more and feeling fresher, but the oil also puts me in a really good mood. I know people are somewhat reluctant to put oils on their face especially in such a hot country, but you’d be crazy not to make an exception for Pañpuri.


Jimmy Choo Callie Mesh Clutch

Every time I have to get ready for a party, I find it hard to match my dress with the right handbag. I think with silver you just can’t go wrong, can you? While I was going through Jimmy Choo’s new collection, I spotted the Callie Mesh Clutch (approx. THB 114,500) which is absolutely glamorous and elegant. Perfect for parties! Also, I feel it will never go out of fashion. It can be used as a clutch or you could use the chain strap to hold it as a handbag, which makes it really flexible. The pretty tassel detailing adds a little edge to your outfit. While there are several other colours available, the shimmering silver metallic is just the one I’d go for. – Alisha Pawa, Branded Content Creator 

Catherine Napalai Faulder
Catherine is Bangkok born and bred and knows the angles of the city and its people very personally. You'll often catch her writing about the upsides of Thainess, the richness and diversity of Bangkok's third cultures and the true meaning of wellness.