With an endless number of luxury labels in Bangkok, sometimes it’s hard keeping up with new releases all the time. At Lifestyle Asia, we’re privileged to get a first look at the most exciting new launches every single day, but it’s virtually impossible to cover every single lust-worthy find we have our eyes on. That’s why we’ve created this Weekly Obsessions roundup, in order to give you an exclusive list of all the highly covetable items we are lusting over — because, if it’s on our radar, it should definitely be on yours. From the new LOEWE sunglasses to a Paul Smith leather backpack and more, browse through our top-rated picks to uncover what we’ve been obsessing over this week.

Featured and hero image credit: LOEWE

Paul Smith ‘Spring Swirl’ Print Leather Backpack
Paul Smith backpack

Whether it reminds you of rainbow ice cream or Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road, this Paul Smith backpack (THB 32,900) is sure to make you feel like a kid again. I’ve long been attached to Paul Smith for the energy and colour of their prints, as well as the quality of their products. The swirls of sorbet colours on this backpack are refreshing and cheerful, and make it a fantastic statement piece if worn with a more neutral-toned outfit. The small size is a chic adaptation of the standard schoolchild’s backpack and it means you can also hold it by the handle strap for a more “grown-up” look. — Karn Chatikavanij, Style Writer

LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza Paula Sunglasses in Yellow
LOEWE Sunglasses

When I first saw the fashion shots for the new LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza campaign, I was already buzzing at the edge of my seat. I spent all of my childhood summers at my grandmother’s house in the mountains in Ibiza, and this collection is tugging so hard at my heart strings with August memories. Naturally, it’s easy for things that are Ibiza-inspired to go down an EDM party and rave route, so it’s really sweet to see the Spanish brand embrace those sides of the island that are more calmly about sunshine, seaside, and flamboyant native spirit. These sunglasses (THB 11,950) are a great example. I love the vintage shape that looks like it is slightly concaved, sure to cause all passers-by to do a double take at your face. There’s something charmingly otherworldly about them, like as if Willy Wonka starred in a sequel in which he went to the beach and ate popsicles all day. Effortless, but by no means boring. — Lisa Gries, Staff Writer

ANNA New York Héritage Bottle Opener

ANNA New York

Glorious vino: ah, a drink fit for kings and queens. Something about the violet colour and the fruity flavour totally warms my heart right up, making me a serious wine devotee. As an ardent gourmand who loves to pair good fare with excellent wine, I always make sure I have a good quality bottle lying around at home for the nights where wine is much needed. And hey, sophisticated wine also always deserves a sleek wine opener. That’s why I’ve been so obsessed with this Héritage Bottle Opener from ANNA New York (THB 3,273). Crafted from 24-karat gold-plated obsidian, this wine piece does a good job in personalising any parties and dinners I host with excellent elegance. – Kankanit Wichiantanon, Staff Writer 

Pharrell X Adidas tie-dye Holi Hu NMD Sneakers


While going through a post-festival withdrawal syndrome, I came across these vibrant tie-dye kicks and just couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Imagine an all-white pair of sneakers walking through a trail, where traditional coloured powders are thrown in the air. This Pharrell X Adidas NMD Hu Trail sneakers (approx. THB 14,263)  is literally a celebration in itself, as it’s been inspired by the Indian Holi Festival. No wonder it’s been dyed in a flash green, chalk coral and purple colour scheme. I guess I don’t need to wait until next year to enjoy Holi all over again. Pharrell’s Holi NMD edition also features “Black Canvas” where I could get my creative juices flowing and paint my own canvas. As a dancer, having proper dance shoes that give the right amount of traction to move around is so important. Flexible and light-weight, these street-savvy kicks will not only look cool while dancing but will help me brush up my moves too. It doesn’t get any better than this. — Alisha Pawa, Branded Content Creator

UMA Pure Calm Wellness Oil

UMA oils have long been known for their 100% naturally organic farm-to-bottle formulas, and it’s exciting to see that they have now made their way to Bangkok’s Sephora stores, too. I love the Pure Calm Oil (THB 2215) made with Roman chamomile, seeing as I normally drink chamomile in my tea, and think it’s relaxingly rad to slather the soothing stuff all over my body now as well. Designed to alleviate tension, reduce stress, and assist in mental unwinding, the oil can even be used in diffusers or in bath water, ensuring an aura of tranquility wherever you may most seek it. This 15ml bottle is a handy one to carry around on the go too, convenient and easy to whip out should a spontaneously stressful occasion occur on the daily. You know the type I mean. You see why I love this. — LG

Sara Lanzi Layered Raffia Skirt

Sara Lanzi

Everyone knows that hot nights call for tiki bars and beach parties. Now that Bangkok is absolutely roasting us from dusk ’til dawn, it’s always good to have an outfit at the ready for those inevitably sweaty soirées. I’ve got my eye on this layered skirt by Italian designer Sara Lanzi for exactly that reason. What I love most about it is that although it might look bold and experimental, it’s actually quite an accessible and versatile piece. The skirt’s got a casual island-chic going for it, but it can also be glammed up with diamonds and statement jewellery. The layered ruffles were made for shimmying and the drawstring at the waist is a fabulously comfy decision for long nights out. The skirt is also available at Club 21 in white or red (THB 18,900).  — KC

Lisa Gries
Managing Editor, Bangkok
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