How many brands can you name that are 125 years old and strong? These are rare breeds indeed, but DAKS London is a perfect example of a rare heritage brand.

It started all the way back in 1894, when the young Simeon Simpson (only 16 years old at the time) started a little bespoke tailoring business. He was dedicated to high-standard craftsmanship and excellent service, but also saw a potential for equipment to produce these garments in higher quantities while still upholding quality tailoring techniques. Being ahead of his time, he unknowingly became a pioneer of the ready-to-wear industry. Later on, his son Alec followed in his innovative footsteps and invented the self-supporting trousers that didn’t require belts or braces — he named these “Daks”, an acronym combining the words “Dad” and “Slacks”.

Soon, DAKS London became a household name. Since their first store on Middlesex Street in London, they’ve developed into womenswear as well as producing their signature House Check print that we all know and love today. The brand’s long-standing quality and high expertise has also been officially trusted to make clothing for the British Royal Family for over a century. Close relationships to the palace is always a sign of a great brand. While DAKS is now celebrating their 125th Anniversary, they’ve also opened their first Bangkok flagship store. So, of course, this is all cause for a big and wonderful celebration.

[All images courtesy of DAKS London]

Pook Jongkol Palarit in the House Check print at the new DAKS London flagship store in Bangkok.

To collide with the opening of the first Bangkok flagship store, DAKS London also introduced us to their splendid special edition ‘DAKS 125th Anniversary Check Collection.’ These pieces, decked out in various colours of their House Check print, have been specially imported from London and have decorated the new store with vibrant energy and life. The colourful geometrics of this print is, of course, inspired by a very important London icon. The print is an artistic reimagining of the pattern of windows across the walls of the Royal Albert Hall — a symbol of rich British culture.

The DAKS London 125th Anniversary fashion show.

To celebrate their incredible milestone in Bangkok, DAKS London opened an entire exhibition space in Central World to showcase their brand’s history and tell the story of a heritage royal British brand. At the event, the exhibition also featured a fashion show to present all the new pieces in the anniversary collection.

Takeshi Sato performs live painting at the event.

One of the biggest highlights at the event was the chance to watch a live performance of the world-famous Japanese artist, Takeshi Sato. The Miyagi0-born mural artist completed a painting of HM The Queen of England on a fabric sheet of DAKS London’s signature check print — all in under 5 minutes.

Celebrities such as Alek Teeradetch and Prang Wongkajornklai were guests at the event.

The 125th anniversary party was, of course, attended by some of the biggest stars in Thailand. Alek Teeradetch and Prang Wongkajornklai came in matching check-print coats, both with a strong love and attachment to the cult London brand. With fantastic English snacks and drinks, the party was a vibrant celebration for one of the longest-standing fashion labels in the world.

Classic English bites and flavours at the party.

You can still visit the DAKS London exhibition on the first floor of Central World — and definitely get a chance to meet their gorgeous 100% handmade giant Teddy Bear named after Prince Charles.

‘I am Charles’, the giant 1.5m Teddy Bear handmade by DAKS London craftsmen.

What’s also worth mentioning about the specialness of this heritage English brand is that their designs are always deeply embracing of British culture. Their latest collection was inspired by the emotions and storylines of three British novels. The Moon and Sixpence, a story about an Englishman who moves to Paris to live out his dream of being a painter, inspired artistic travel pieces.



The Remains of the Day, is the story of a butler who lives inside an exquisite mansion, inspiring elegant and comfortable light clothes that are intricately woven.


And lastly, the famous Pygmalion, the story that inspired the movie Pretty Woman. Everyone is familiar with the story of the sculptor who falls in love with the statue he has carved. Exploring concepts of ideal beauty, the story inspires the velvety menswear and flowy satins and silk organzas in the womenswear of this collection.

Visit the DAKS London Flagship Store at 1/F Central World, Rama I Road, Bangkok 10330 (10am-8pm).

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