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Will Smith just landed his first-ever fashion campaign

The multi-talented Will Smith is a lot of things: he’s an actor, producer, musician, two-time Academy Award nominee and Grammys award winner. With such talent and fame, you’d think Smith would be at the top of every wish list for fashion brands across the spectrum, yet strangely, he’s never fronted a fashion campaign during his entire three-decade career. Until now, that is.

Italian outerwear brand, Moncler has invited Smith to front its ‘Genius is Born Crazy‘ campaign to depict the ‘inner battles, daring spirit, explorative mind and fearless dedication’ of being a genius — celebrating people throughout history who may have once been deemed crazy, but were ultimately proven right through dedication, application and hard work.

In the campaign, which was shot by renowned photographer Tim Walker, Smith appears to be levitating mid-air in a seated position under a lightbulb, dressed in a red Moncler puffer coat, white t-shirt and space-inspired silver pants. According to the brand, the image is ‘a visual study on the notion of genius’, which shows the mind of a genius, who levitates with his head in the future and his feet off the ground.

In a behind-the-scenes video he shared on Instagram, Smith talked about his initial thoughts towards the campaign: “When I got the call from Moncler that they wanted me to be THE FACE of a FASHION campaign I was like… ‘These jokaz must be CRAZY.’ I’ve always dug their gear. So I listened to their ideas. Then I was like… ‘That might be GENIUS.’ I started pondering the Relationship between Crazy & Genius and I got more & more intrigued. Real Dreamers ALWAYS get called Crazy! I started to wonder… ‘Are Geniuses born Crazy?! Or can we all get some? :-)'” The video itself is about as entertaining as it gets, watch it here below:

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