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People who wear glasses, rejoice: these face masks won’t fog up your lenses

People who wear glasses in these times of pandemic know that it is difficult to walk fast, do your shopping or have a serious conversation when your specs become all foggy because of that face mask you have to wear in public places.

That’s why Wires Glasses has come up with a new concept that could make your daily life easier and allow you to have a clearer vision in any situation.

We know that wearing a face mask is essential for reducing the spread of the novel coronavirus, but nobody really enjoys it. And it is even worse for those who also have to wear glasses, since the mask results in fog steaming up your lenses in many situations. To fight this problem, some use anti-fog sprays, others stick a Band-Aid on their mask — everyone has their own DIY remedy.

However eyewear brand Wires Glasses may have (finally) found the most efficient way to combine these two essential accessories. The brand has created a collection of masks which hang from your glasses rather than your ears, like most face masks on the market. Not only does this system limit the fog, but it also looks far more comfortable.

To limit waste, the brand uses the same 3D printing process as for its eyewear to make the stainless steel wire frames that hold the masks. Moreover, the brand has partnered with several acclaimed designers to create this new generation of masks. Both Simone Rocha and Vivienne Westwood have partnered with Wire Glasses, donating off-cut fabric to ensure a stylish and more sustainable product.

Even though they’re made with luxurious fabric, these masks remain affordable. Wires Glasses also explains that all proceeds from sales of the masks will go to Cool Earth, Women’s Aid and The Black Curriculum.

This article was published via AFP Relaxnews

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