So, it looks like we’re back at it. Gyms and studios are out, and home workouts are very much, well, in. But the Lifestyle Asia team are looking at this on the bright side. While before we had to go through the whole process of putting on our workout gear, packing our gym bags, and making the commute to the gym, the re-lockdown of Bangkok means we don’t have to do any of that in order to workout anymore. It seems like what we need now is some versatile activewear that isn’t as hardcore as what we’d wear out to the gym, but is still flexible and energising. And, since we’re at home, it should also be something we can wear to just chill out too. The solution? Yoga clothing. 

Comfortable, lightweight, yet ready for action  – yoga clothing is possibly the best kind of stay-at-home wear. Finding the right yoga clothing brands to shop can also mean you’ll be able to look chic, relaxed, yet sporty at the same time. Since it’s not so ideal to head out browsing in stores right now, we’re rounded up some of the chicest yoga clothing brands in Bangkok for you to shop online right now. Really, who needs to leave home anyway?

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Colourful and motivating, Moodactiv’s athletic wear is just the uplifting spirit we all need right now. As well as their bright, chic, and comfortable leggings and yoga bras, they also hold live training sessions with partner professional trainers on their Instagram page. Here’s an all-round great way to stay actively motivated, happy, and effortlessly stylish.


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Primarily a swimwear brand, Russarini are also now offering perfect home yoga gear made of the same versatile and high quality materials. Their latest collection features stretchy, lightweight, and very elegant white biker shorts as well as loose-leg pants in the softest eco-textiles. Innovative high quality materials combined with functional styling and laidback colours makes their yoga clothing a perfect addition to any at-home wardrobe, whether or not you’re actually working out.

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This brand is all about sustainable active style without compromise. As far as yoga clothing brands go, Dharma Bums stays most true to the core principles of yoga: love and compassion. They’re dedicated to using the most eco-friendly processes and textiles, using sublimation printing to create their patterns in a way that uses less water and electricity. Their super soft fabrics are made from sustainable fabrics, such as Lenzing Modal or textiles made from recycled bottles. What’s more their product range is very inclusive too – providing stylish maternity pieces and great options for plus sizes.


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Here’s one for the fashionable Gen-Zers. Big on statement logos and cropped fitting cuts, Sauce Court has trendy athleisure wear that works on the streets as well as at home. Their statement and kind of 90s retro vibe pieces include fitting cropped t-shirts, bodysuits, and biker shorts. It’s sassy, it’s sporty, it’s saucy.


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An old favourite for trendy Bangkokians. One of the more established activewear brands in the city, V Activewear is still going strong with their chic and elegant workout clothing. From sleek white total looks (including flattering slim-fit jackets) to bodysuits and colourful shorts, they have a lot to offer for your at-home yoga or workout sessions. With innovative UV protection fabrics, they’ll be perfectly durable and protective once you’re back doing outdoor activities too.


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Just as their name suggests, this is a sweet and no-fuss athleisure brand with a style that’s very girl-next-door vibes. With simple styles yet eye-catching colours, their yoga clothing themselves make a great way to feel energised. Comfortable fabrics and relaxed fits mean that their outfits are also great for just chilling out at home too.


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