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10 types of necklaces every woman should own

Necklaces are the most versatile accessories that predate our modern history. They come in different sizes, materials, embellishments and you can invest accordingly. From contemporary minimal necklaces to traditional family heirlooms set in precious stones and modern ultra-chic counterparts donned by celebrities, you can take cues from our guide on the types of necklaces every woman should own. 

Check out the most discernible necklaces adorned effortlessly by celebrities from Lady Gaga to Priyanka Chopra and Gigi Hadid.  

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Chain necklace 


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Chain necklaces are the simplest ones to wear and consist of chain links that may come in many varieties and styles. Metal chain necklaces in gold and silver are the rage these days, and they go with every outfit from basic to athleisure and fancy. 

You can layer them to varying lengths and accessorise them with your casual outfit to give it a chic look and wear it with formals too.  

Choker necklace 


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The statement necklaces of the ’90s, chokers give a snug and yet glamorous look to your neck. Before chokers were made famous by pop-punk stars, they used to be the royal accessory (or more like an amulet) of pharaohs in ancient Egypt.  

Choker necklaces look regal and go best with off-shoulder and low-cut necklines.   

Lariat necklace 


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Lariat necklaces are long and can also be multi-stranded that usually form a ‘Y’ shape when worn around the neck. It can be wrapped around the neck either once or multiple times and sometimes tied at the front for a tassel-like look. Placing it loosely around the neck, with either both ends hanging or one end meeting the chain while the other is attached to a pendant, adds to the many styles of wearing lariats.  

These are the perfect necklaces to add a hint of elegance and drama to your outfit with plunging or V-necklines. Single-chained lariat necklaces look great when paired with semi-formal attire.  

Sautoir necklace 

types of necklaces
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Sautoir is a long necklace consisting of usually a fine gold chain set with jewels that draw the eye to the hanging or loose end, also seen with an interchangeable tassel or a pendant. Other variants include a simple, long necklace with a distinctive progression of embellished links. 

They have been around throughout history and are wardrobe staples for enhancing feminine silhouettes.  

Princess necklace 


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Princess necklaces are slightly longer than a choker and extend a little below the collarbone. They are often embellished with precious or semi-precious stones and look flattering with special outfits for a cocktail party or formal lunch.  

Rivière necklace 

Rivière means ‘river’ in French. This is a type of short necklace that consists of the same type of precious or semi-precious gemstones representing smooth gradation or river-like flow around the neck.  

Rivière necklaces are a form of high-jewellery with the sole focus on its illuminating and intricate gemstones that make it a perfect accessory to pair with gowns and date-night outfits.  

Négligée necklace 


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A négligée consists of two parallel and asymmetrical drops from a pendant that remain the focal point of the necklace. Defining high-jewellery during the Edwardian era (1901–1910), they were worn by rich aristocrats in precious elements such as platinum and diamonds.   

Négligée necklaces exude royalty and can be paired with V-neckline gowns and fancy outfits. They are quite versatile and can also be paired over turtleneck tops or dresses.  

Statement necklace 


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Statement necklaces, as the name suggests, make a bold statement and can depict a personal meaning, a tribute to someone or something featuring engraved initials, names, charms, medallions or a message.  

Statement necklaces make for a subtle and effortless accessory piece that can be paired with any outfit.  

Pearl necklace 


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Pearls are timeless and a must-have in every woman’s accessory closet. Short pearl necklaces can elevate any ensemble, while a long strand of pearls can complement a casual and a classy outfit equally.  

Investing in high-quality and fine pearls in natural colours is worth every dime and you can enjoy it for a lifetime before passing it onto the next generations.  

Layered necklace 


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Layered necklaces are the hottest jewellery trend these days. You can choose to layer celeb-approved multiple-chain necklaces or your favourite statement necklaces of various lengths together — the more, the merrier!  

Mix and match layered chain necklaces of different textures and lengths, with choker chains or drop-pendants to take any ensemble up a notch. 

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