Statement earrings are all the rage this year. From the chunky and bulky to the sleek and sneaky, statement earrings have graced every magazine cover, every runway, and every stylish street around the globe. And whilst hoops have a timeless charm about them and abstract geometric earrings have a crafty cool about them, the party really lies in tassel earrings.

Swishing and swashing an explosion of colour and texture, tassel earrings have a fun-loving unusualness about them that most other high jewellery pieces can’t quite pull off. They’re not as noisy as chandelier earrings, they’re much lighter to wear than ball drop earrings, and they require no accompanying accessory to complete the look. Commonly designed with bead or fabric threads, there’s almost something tribal about them, making them perfect staples for beach vacations or a tropical night out on the town.

Whilst many different varieties are available from the High Street, we’ve put together a list of five designer tassel earrings, each bringing a different interpretation of the accessory to the style table. Whether you prefer silk, silver, gold, or pearls, consider these your next stylish excuse to shake your tassels.

Featured image credit: Oscar de la Renta; Hero image credit: Versace