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7 alternative engagement rings for men

Long, long, ago there was a time when the engagement ring was used as a marker to indicate that a young maiden was ‘taken’, to indicate a promise to her betrothed, and to fend off any other potential suitors. From here, the tradition evolved to mark the thrill of the times between engagement and wedding, becoming a centrepiece in the proposal, and an exciting symbol of anticipation for the bride. But that’s ancient history.

Grab the remote and fast forward to 2018. Women and men are gaining equal rights. Gender roles are shifting. Same-sex marriages are happening. And engagement rings are no longer reserved for the ladies. Man-gagement rings (that’s engagement rings, but for men) are very much a thing, with a number of celebs and trendsetters spotted sporting promise rings on their ring fingers. As award-winning British singer Ed Sheeran explained earlier this year, “I never saw why men didn’t wear engagement rings, because it’s the same commitment either way.”

And if it’s good enough for the Perfect artist, it’s good enough for us. From silver and gold to hidden diamonds, titanium, and forged carbon, we’ve put together a list of the most intriguing and innovative engagement rings for men that we’ve got our eyes on at the moment. Whether you’re on the lookout for something special for your current beau, or simply dreaming of the one, there’s something for every taste and style here. After all, as the new and improved saying goes, ‘if you like it then you should put a mangagement ring on it.’ Yup, we went there.

Hero and Featured image credit: David Yurman

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Cartier Love Band

Quite possibly the most trendy symbol of modern romance in the 21st century, our list starts off with the iconic Cartier Love Band (approx. THB 35,103). The 18K pink gold ring was inspired by 1970s New York, and designed to encapsulate a love that transgresses all convention. Bearing the signature screw motifs and an oval shape, it’s a ring that bears strength, with a beautiful tribute to love.

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Tiffany & Co. Band

Tiffany & Co. is well-known as a key player in the world of engagement and wedding rings, and their selection for men is no different. A little off their conventional design route, this 4.5mm ring in platinum and titanium (approx. THB 49,214) attracts the eye with its dark bold colour, making for a cool style statement that easily complements any outfit – especially, perhaps, a wedding suit.

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DeBeers Fused Lines Band

Coining the phrase ‘A Diamond is Forever’ in the mid 1940s, DeBeers has long been making bride-to-be hearts beat faster with their exquisite diamond engagement rings. Bringing a similar charm to the ring finger of men, this DeBeers Fused Lines Band (approx. THB 52,464) brings together rings of platinum to form a 5.0mm wide band. As for the must-have DeBeers diamond? It’s hidden on the inside of the ring, like an intimate secret between lovers. 

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Loren Stewart Cartoux Breather Ring

For the artsy and creative gentleman, this minimalistic Loren Stewart (approx. THB 9345) Cartoux Breather Ring is sure to intrigue. The polished oxidised sterling silver open ring features 14K yellow gold ends and a slender split, making for an unusual and imaginative choice. The LA-based brand uses locally sourced recycled materials for their designs, so it’s a ring with a great environmental message, too. 

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John Hardy Classic Chain Band

A blend of past and present, the John Hardy Classic Chain Band (THB 85,316) delicately reimagines ancient chain-weaving techniques through a contemporary spirit in this 18K yellow gold ring. A brand that has been artisan-crafted since 1975, the ring is hand-woven using precious metals, with the chain symbolising connection, community, and human bond. Truly inspiring in meaning, and powerful in design.

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Todd Reed Ring

A ring that breaks convention – kind of quite literally – this palladium Todd Reed ring (approx. THB 157,497) features a 0.11ctw raw diamond cube at its centre, seemingly causing a crack in the design. The ridged line gives it a strong albeit fragile character, making for a visually striking and surefire conversation piece. The perfect ring for the man who truly is your rock.

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David Yurman Forged Carbon Band

Topping off our list comes this David Yurman Forged Carbon Band (approx. THB 49,230) made with 18K yellow gold and forged carbon. Designed to be powerful and yet lightweight, the distinctive composition boasts a refined aesthetic between swirls in the carbon matrices and the radiance of the gold. For the man who loves contemporary design, from the architect of your heart.

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7 alternative engagement rings for men

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