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7 stunning cocktail rings for your next summer party

Accessorised with a magnificent manicure, a glass of champagne, and an elegant throwing back of the head in obnoxious, opulent laughter, the power of the cocktail ring is unlike any other.

The ultimate statement piece, cocktail rings have often been characterised as the fun-loving cousin of delicate engagement rings, and the chunkier, more daring mother of art deco and choker necklaces. Sitting on a finger (of the right hand, never the left) in absolute pompous pride, it’s the kind of ring that enters the party and needs no introduction. Think, big, colourful gemstones, intricate designs, and extravagant themes.

Bearing its roots in the Prohibition Era in the United States, cocktail rings get their name from a roaring period of time where American women were first allowed to vote, rebelled and wore more makeup, and drank alcoholic beverages that were very much illegal during the time. The rings sat as sly companions on the fingers of these ladies, coiled around the stem of a cocktail glass as a daring statement. From here, they became small symbols of female independence, and of embracing the freedom to have a good time.

Back to present day, we’ve put together a list of our favourite cocktail rings of the moment. Prepare to be dazzled, and keep a mental bookmark for the next time you head out for a drink – between clinking glasses, and twinkling gemstones.

Featured image credit: Gucci; Hero image credit: Dior

Gucci Le Marché des Merveilles Ring

Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele draws from his much-loved animalistic inspirations once again, bringing fierce oriental flair with this shimmering green enamel Marché des Merveilles Ring (approx. THB 104,610). Capturing a fabulously wild energy, the 18k yellow gold ring features a feline head that ends in a fin, and sits wrapped around the finger gazing through diamond eyes at all who admire it. Pair with some cool drop earrings, and a spicy rum cocktail to complete the snazzy look.

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Chanel Camélia Ring

Drawing from Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite flower, this Chanel Oil de Camélia ring (approx. THB 1,997,580) is a glamorous all-diamond choice. Set in 18k white gold, the delicate floral motif glitters with diamonds, with a larger diamond at its captivating centre. Based on the designs by Lorenz Bäumer, the ring is a classic yet fun choice, that is suitable for many looks and many occasions. Slip on this sparkling number and combine with an equally sparkling glass of champagne, and a touch of red lipstick for your lips. Sophisticated, but not boring.

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Piaget Limelight Cocktail Inspiration Ring

For those looking for a cocktail ring that truly screams cocktail, the Piaget Limelight Cocktail Inspiration Ring (THB 510,000) is your hot calling. The playful ‘lemon fizz’ ring comes set in 18k yellow gold, and features diamonds, emeralds, quartz, rubellite, and peridot stones, charmingly arranged in the shape of a cocktail. Between a pair of cherries and a lemon wedge, the tangy ring is the ultimate recipe for a good time. Perfect for a summer’s evening rooftop party, and paired beautifully with a vibrant manicure for that extra pop.

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Oscar de la Renta Jewelled Flower Ring

Bringing an almost ancient-inspired touch, the Oscar de la Renta Jewelled Flower Ring (THB 12,526)  is sure to make a statement on any hand. Set with a mix of sparkling Swarovski crystals on a brass and gold band, the ring comes as a bold accessory that does a lot of the talking, without overpowering its wearer. Available in red or blue, dress up a dressed-down outfit with this number, or spruce up an all-red evening ensemble, in true Oscar de la Renta style.

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Dior Milly Carnivora ‘Egratigna Angélique’ Ring

Dior’s Milly Carnivora collection bears the name of the village where Christian Dior himself bought a house the day after his first fashion show. A beautiful tribute, the Egratigna Angélique ring (approx. THB 1,453,056) brings a refreshing burst of colour in electric hues, as if plucked from the most exquisite garden of couture. Made in 18k white gold and set with diamonds and bright lacquer, the ring brings a flutter of spring to any finger, and will accompany gorgeously mimosas and bellinis at brunch over the weekend.

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Colette Sakarya Ring

Taking cocktail rings to new heights and flights, this Colette Sakarya Ring (approx. THB 239,086) from the brand’s Blue Drift Collection features two soaring birds that seemingly float above the hand. Set with diamonds with a dark ombre-like appearance, the 18k gold ring manages to balance playfulness with elegance in a ring that is romantic, with a glitzy punk touch of hard rock. Combine with a sleek classic dress shirt and slicked-back hair for a look that is cool, chic, and not afraid to play.

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Panthère de Cartier Ring

Ending our list comes one of Cartier’s most iconic pieces, the Panthère de Cartier Ring (THB 1,360,000) – a cocktail ring that truly bites back. Fierce, ferocious, and a downright fantastic companion on any night out, Cartier’s signature panther is the ultimate symbol of liberation and the freedom to run wild. Made with white gold, the ring is strikingly set with brilliant-cut diamonds, onyx stones, and two daring emerald eyes, truly bringing the mythic animal to life. A strong piece for a strong power woman, pair with an equally powerful drink, and a night you’ll never want to forget.

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