Calling all February babies: it’s officially amethyst season.

Beyond a little smog, love certainly is in the air this month, and while we’re already getting rosy thinking about where to wine and dine and travel on the big day that starts with a ‘V’, the February birthstone too provides much reason to fall in sparkling love.

According to the American Gem Society, amethyst is the stone dedicated to the second month of the year, and with its purple quartz blend of violet and red hues, it’s a precious one to swoon for. Found in many parts of the world, amethyst is revered for its calming and peaceful qualities, a trait that comes in as a saviour especially in those areas where the skies are often dark and grey for long periods of the day. The stone actually gets its name from the Ancient Greek for ‘intoxicated’, and indeed, it is quite possibly one of the most alluring and beloved birthstones of the lot.

From the ancient Romans to the Middle Ages, amethyst jewellery has featured prominently in history as well as ancient myths. Some have even gone so far as to say that Saint Valentine himself wore an amethyst ring, carved with an image of Cupid, no less.

Drawing a bow and arrow with love hearts to our jewellery box, we’ve put together a list of five different ways you can sport the February birthstone this month. From warmer to cooler hues, you’ll be surprised by the variety, and inspired to really let purple reign this season. Read on.

Featured image credit: Chopard; Hero image credit: Jonny Lew/Pexels