Established in Bangkok in 1946, Yong is known for their rich tradition of creating beautiful jewellery using only the best and most superior of precious gems and metals. Their recently launched Fall Winter 2019 line is a reflection of their exquisite craftsmanship as they present four distinct collections — Swan Lake, Eternal Spark, Spirit of the South Sea and Shining Star.

Phuris Bunjapamai, the younger son of Phumiphan Bunjapamai, and grandson of Pipat Bunjapamai, brings a new dimension to Yong with the new collection

Each of these selections comprises a variety of necklaces, earrings, and rings that have been meticulously designed to charm women with their feminine yet contemporary elegance.

The Swan Lake collection showcases refined pieces adorned with sparkling green emeralds, set amidst glittering diamonds and 18k white gold. An undeniable air of glamour marks this series.

Yong Jewellery
The Swan Lake

The Eternal Spark collection is a shimmering line of brilliant white diamonds set in white gold. All the pieces in this range proclaim a sophisticated poise perfect for a formal evening affair.

Yong Jewellery
The Eternal Spark

The Spirit of the South Sea brings forth the classic beauty of white South Sea pearls. Paired with diamonds and set in white gold, these pieces make a fashionably chic statement.

Yong Jewellery
The Spirit of the South Sea

The Shining Star collection comprises a set of exquisitely pretty star-shaped pendant and earrings, as well as an equally charming pair of earrings that resemble a cluster of ice drops — all shining in luminescent splendour with diamonds and white gold.

There is a certain sense of the eternal that defines each of the pieces in this line. Maybe that’s why Yong has the confidence to offer an assurance of a lifetime warranty on their jewellery. After all, they symbolise timeless beauty.

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