For the women who sparkle in their own right, Italian luxury jewellery brand Bulgari has unveiled its new Divas’ Dream collection, embracing an elegant femininity by seeking inspiration from Rome’s ancient baths and the Italian lady’s beauty rituals. A tribute to their passion for la dolce vita, the vibrant line of jewellery celebrates glamorous women, personified by a true modern diva of our time, supermodel Lily Aldridge.

Bulgari has long been known for glimmering gemstone creations, embracing a larger-than-life spirit in many of its designs – evident from everything in the seductive Serpenti Collection to the playful Wild Pop and BVLGARI-BVLGARI line.

A brand that loves a marvellous colour combination, the Divas’ Dream collection is no different. From pink rubellites and tourmalines to fanciful amethysts, midnight-blue sapphires and vivid emeralds, the pieces exude an elegant playfulness. Yet the inspiration behind the designs is perhaps its most alluring feat.

Bulgari Diva's Dream

Taking influence from the Italian jeweller’s favourite muse – the city of Rome – the Divas’ Dream collection holds its inspirational roots in the Roman Empire. At its peak, the Romans showed off their power, wealth, and beauty through a dazzling display of colours, ornamenting the city of Rome with green, yellow, and multi-hued marbles, from the imperial palace to the Baths at Caracalla. It is from these Roman baths that the Divas’ Dream collection gains its signature fan motif.

Evocative of the Eternal City, the glamorous fan shape is reminiscent of the mosaics of the city’s ancient baths. It is here that Italian women embraced their elaborate beauty rituals, and it is through this gracefully curvaceous shape that Bulgari celebrates their unique beauty and femininity.

Colourful gemstone fans cascade down in necklaces or make up charming statement rings, featuring pavé diamonds as twinkling accompaniments. For an everyday colour infusion, the collection features single-toned pieces too, from green malachite drop earrings to a pink tourmaline pendant.

Whilst brightly-hued stones and imperial designs catch the eye at first, the heart of the Divas’ Dream Collection lies beyond this. It is the wearer; it is the diva herself. Allowing the skin to peak through the fan motif with its openwork design, it turns out Bulgari is not only showcasing vibrant new pieces with Divas’ Dream, but also the beauty of the woman who wears it.

Lisa Gries
Creative Content Director, Bangkok
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