Soaring in First Class to the top of box offices almost everywhere upon its premiere in theatres this month, Crazy Rich Asians has landed a hot spot in our hearts from the get-go. The movie is gaining much acclaim for its first-time-in-decades all-Asian cast, and its tasteful execution of a contemporary Asian rom-com. Set in Singapore, it’s clear no excess extravagance was spared in the production of the film, boasting exquisite parties, opulent properties, and beautiful people. Yet the sparkling star of the show? The jewellery. Definitely, the jewellery.

Between Gemma Chan’s character of Astrid purchasing a rare royal Burmese pair of earrings at the beginning of the film, over to pretty much any glittering thing Michelle Yeoh’s character of Eleanor wears, Crazy Rich Asians holds back on no brilliant rock and regal rouse. In fact, a key turning point in the movie, and a major symbol in the plot lines, lies in Eleanor Young’s emerald ring (which, would you believe it, actually comes from Michelle Yeoh’s very own private collection).

Noted for their aura of strength and striking exotic colour, we’ve put together a list of swoon-worthy Crazy Rich Asians-style emerald rings for the next time you too wish to impress the brilliant billionaire mother of your Asian tycoon beau. From classic cuts to contemporary creations — dear current, future, and imaginary Nick Youngs and Rachel Chus out there: read right on.

Hero and Featured image credit: Graff Diamonds