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5 ways to wear diamond, the April birthstone, by 5 Thai jewellers

Calling all April babies: it’s officially diamond season.

According to the American Gem Society, diamond is the shimmering show-stopping birthstone for those born in April, balancing both beauty and strength in one lustrous gem.

Prized specifically for this unique lustre, our fascination with diamonds is rumoured to go back as far as 4th century BC, when merchants and travellers across the globe would use the precious gemstone on trade routes. Due to its natural formation far below the earth’s crust, many believed that the diamond was a real form of lightning on earth, and that it had deep healing powers.

Cut to the present day and the April birthstone is still considered as powerful, yet speaks a language more along the lines of love and luxury. Wedding and engagement rings will most commonly feature a diamond as the ultimate statement of commitment, and the most iconic jewellery style icons of our time (think Marilyn, Elizabeth, and Audrey) have sparkled in their affinity for them. It’s the strongest natural material on our planet, yet happens to be one admired most widely for its iridescent beauty, too.

Shiny but tough, the diamond follows many of the same traits as those born in April. In the spirit of their celebration, and to commemorate our spring into the Thai New Year this month, we’ve chosen five of our favourite Thai jewellery makers to bring you April birthstone pieces that really hit the spot. Sure to make a splash and sparkle through the summer, consider these all the right reasons to shine and celebrate April in high and fine Thai style.

Featured and Hero image credit: ANANTA

Diamond April Birthstone: ANANDA

ANANTA Signature Pear Halo Diamond Necklace

Beginning our list with a classic style of necklace and an opulent sprinkling of diamonds, this ANANTA Signature Pear Halo Diamond Necklace (THB 1,078,000) is sure to make the grandest entrance into April. The delicately aligned pear-shaped diamonds are surrounded by a halo of pavé diamonds, elegantly gracing the collar bone for a timeless and sophisticated look.

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Diamond April Birthstone: Jubilee Diamond

Jubilee Diamond Beauty Reflection Bangle

Following on with a triple pear shape in a more contemporary form, this Jubilee Diamond Beauty Reflection Bangle (THB 169,000) makes for a sweetly striking piece of wrist candy. It’s easy to wear yet eye-catching to pass by, complete with various sizes of diamond beautifully paving the band of the bracelet like a twinkling journey into the summer.

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Diamond April Birthstone: Maison Artinian

Maison Artinian Ring

Here’s one for those who don’t like to play by the ordinary style rules, but rather dance to their own sartorial tune. A collaboration between artist Elizabeth Romhild and Maison Artinian, the 18k white gold ring (THB 181,000) features whimsical Onyx keys set in raised, high polished gold, and diamond micropavé piano hands performing a musical sonata. Inspired by a sense of lyrical luxury, the piece is a must-wear for art and music lovers alike.

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 Diamond April Birthstone: Lotus Arts de VIvre

Lotus Arts de Vivre Ring

Bringing together a classic combination of materials in a contemporary composition, we’ve long admired Lotus Arts de Vivre for their imaginative creations. This 18k gold ring (approx. THB 211,040) features a set of 10 baguette diamonds, arranged in an abstract yet subtle wave form. Romantically rustic.

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 Diamond April Birthstone: Nina the Jewel

Nina the Jewel Feather Ring

A little bit Great Gastby, a little bit coy love bird, Bangkok’s Nina the Jewel is bringing all the playfulness with this Feather Ring (THB 84,910). Made with 18k white gold and one central pear-shaped diamond surrounded by an intricate variety of round diamonds, the accessory works both as a bright and beautiful cocktail ring, or a complementing piece to matching necklace and bracelet. Flirtatious, fresh, and fun – everything we need to take on the season.

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