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Why everybody needs a pair of AirPod earrings to spice up their Zoom calls

Before we begin: we assume you already own a snazzy AirPods case. This is not a story about snazzy AirPods cases or chains. This is a story about AirPod earrings, which could possibly be the most beautiful and millennial marriage between jewellery and technology.

As Bangkok falls into yet another lockdown and even more strict restrictions, working from home is starting to feel less like a cutesy marvel and more like a monotonous movie with no end. Yes, we’ve tried different backgrounds and filters on our video calls. Yes, we’ve flashed everybody because we forgot to wear pants. Yes, we know when to unmute and mute ourselves so nobody knows we’re actually compulsive snackers.

Working from home — and we can’t believe we’re already saying this — is starting to get really old.

Beyond investing in new home office wallpaper and ordering pet-friendly plants on Instagram, imagine our surprise, then, when we spotted AirPod earrings on a night of fashion stalking online.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Misho Designs]

Image Credit: Misho Designs

Delivering both fashion and function, AirPod earrings are a quiet rising trend for those who want to personalise their AirPods but also keep them neatly tucked in place. We first saw them in European style vlogs, and we have a feeling they could soon translate to the local scene. Even if only to spice up our regular Zoom calls.

A hop and skip away from regular ear cuffs, AirPod or earphone earrings are designed to help your headphones sit in place, safely securing them with a regular earring fastener (a butterfly, some call it a butterfly). It’s a clever, almost sneaky accessory, which happens to facilitate a lot of our human connections at this time — even if those connections are largely with our boss.

Here, we’ve put together a list of online stores where you can purchase these little wonders. Interestingly, Louis Vuitton already makes a luxuriously dangling pair, and we have a feeling other brands could soon follow suit. We couldn’t quite find a local Thai brand that makes them just yet, but maybe we’ll pitch it on our next con call. What do you think?

Misho’s Pebble Pods are the ones that really got things going, after being featured by numerous fashion publications. We’re obsessed with how this Indian brand manages such an elegant balance between chunky boho chic and sculpture. The 22k gold-plated bronze earrings happen to look good with or without AirPods tucked into them, and safely hold, support, and catch your earphones should they attempt to slip away, too.

Price: Approx. THB 3,911

For those who would like to go down a more flashy and flamboyant route, check out these Louis Vuitton Nanogram Earphone Earrings. Featuring the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram, we love that this accessory could almost replace your regular earrings. Probably well-suited for an evening Zoom date?

Price: THB 11,200

A little bit more edgy, Mara Paris makes this Pod Cuff out of 925 sterling silver and features a chain and rubber grip inside the holding rings for extra support. We like how contemporary this accessory looks, and that it can be worn with or without accompanying AirPods. We wonder what our ancestors would have thought.

Price: Approx. THB 9,227

If you want to shop the local online market, Shopee does have a few AirPod earring options, albeit a little more casual in the quality department. This number features a cuff as well, and a rubber holder for your AirPods. It’s probably not as secure as the other options on our list, but is also the easiest to wear if you don’t have your ears pierced.

Price: THB 28/piece

We cruised all the way to Etsy to find these AirPod earrings, and we kind of like that they’re handmade by a small business. Made using 925 sterling silver, these rose gold plated earrings are a casual and contemporary way to sport earphone earrings. Easy to match with many outfits, it’s a great entry-earring for those beginning to dabble in the trend.

Price: THB 707

Another item we found on Shopee, these Anti-Drop Ear Clips bring something to the table for those who like pearls. Whilst they’re not of the highest quality, they’re a fun way to experiment with AirPod earrings, and offer more versatility compared to others on the market. Again, you don’t need pierced ears to sport these, though you’ll definitely look like you’re wearing real earrings. All about that deception.

Price: THB 270

We end our list with another Etsy find. Made from 925 sterling silver, this contemporary design has something very edgy about it, and yet still appears minimalist and subtle. An elevation of the classic hoop, the industrial-inspired design is a fun one to flaunt dressed down for casual calls, and with a red lip and sleek hair for serious calls.

Price: THB 547

Why everybody needs a pair of AirPod earrings to spice up their Zoom calls

Lisa Gries

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