Calling all February babies: it’s officially amethyst season.

The smell of fresh roses and the swirl of a love-virus in the air has already got us pumped up for the most special day of the month. February marks the perfect opportunity to show some adorable gestures to our partners and nothing could be more perfect than a gift of love.

According to the American Gems Society, amethyst glorifies the birthstone for February, and is a beautiful blend of violet and red that can be found all around the world. The name “amethyst” derives from the word methustos, which means “intoxicated.” The ancient Greeks believed that this grape-like coloured gem could protect us from drunkenness. The gorgeous birthstone also blesses us with peace, courage, and the ability to cure insomnia.

Whilst we often recognise amethyst to be purple, the gemstone can range from light pinkish violet to deep purple, depending on the light. Interestingly, the gemstone attains its colour from irradiation, iron impurities, and the presence of trace elements.

Amethyst has been a rich part of history, from the ancient Romans to the middle ages, and luckily, now the gemstone can be found all over the world including the United States, Brazil, Zambia, and Canada. Gazing over its rare beauty, it’s not hard to see why amethyst appears to give a royal vibe, as hues of purple make it quite a regal colour. Whilst amethyst makes a popular choice for a ring, it is also used to celebrate the 6th and 17th year of marriage.

February babies, ignite feelings of love and self-love this season by rocking amethyst in every way possible. From a charming classic staple to stylishly chic designs, here are five different ways you could rock amethyst this season.

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Chopard Imperiale Cocktail earrings

Starting our list with the epitome of beauty, Chopard’s Imperiale collection never fails to dazzle us with its richness in design and attention to detail. The Imperiale Cocktail earrings (approx. THB 109,908) are simply irresistible given their 18k rose gold boasting amethyst in an exquisite set of arabesque motifs. Truly embracing the stone of the month, Chopard’s stunning pair of earrings ooze an aura of luxe extravagance that manage to be the star of the season.



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Pandora Faceted Floating Locket charm

There’s no denying that Pandora’s signature charms have always been our favourite. The Pandora Faceted Floating Locket Pendant Charm (THB 2,750) is here to steal our hearts and to enchant us with its locket dangle in sterling silver. The purple-hued pendant is all about creating a personal statement in the most charming way. We can’t help but fall in love with its simplicity. Wrap your heart in a Pandora box.

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Theodora Warre Amethyst & Diamond Star Heart Earrings

There’s nothing sweeter than flaunting these heart-shaped earrings during the love season. Theodora Warre’s star heart earrings (approx. THB 14,620) are gold plated with hand-carved Amethyst heart drops that features a star. The sterling silver hoop also comes with a unique design and diamond as the centrepiece. Whilst the elegant pair of hearts brings a fresh vibe to your attire, pairing the Amethyst Heart Star Pendant (approx. THB 13,808) along with it, will keep it subtly stylish for your look of the day.

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Annoushka Mythology 18ct Rose Gold Amethyst Olive Seed Charm

Have you seen anything like this before? Not only inspired by the olive tree, Annoushka’s charming Olive Seed Charm also looks like one, too. The charismatic 18ct rose gold pendant (approx. THB 111,456) is designed with a movable leaf design that has been beautifully sculptured, sparkles amethysts and diamonds, too. Wear it as a pendant or flaunt it as Mythology Charm Bracelet – both ways, it looks stylishly attractive. Given that it was curated to look like an olive tree, the pendant symbolises peace and victory. This charm makes the perfect gift to treat yourself after payday, as it’s meant to bring a positive ray of hope and protection.



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Theo Fennell Amethyst Trumpet Ring

It’s always an alluring choice to have an amethyst ring because of its vitreous luster that really outshines other gemstones. Theo Fennell’s Amethyst Trumpet Ring dipped in 18ct Yellow Gold (approx. THB 161,510) with 9.66ct Amethyst 15mm Trumpet is a beauty and a showstopper of its own ramp. Theo Fennell’s quirky yet so classic take on this design makes it an ideal romantic gift for your valentine. Happy February!

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