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Where to find the most gorgeous Thai fine jewellery in Bangkok

Whilst Thailand is most commonly known for its culinary treats and crystal clear ocean waters, few people know that a sparkling heart beats in its capital, with a vast array of exclusive Thai fine jewellery shops, selling locally-sourced gemstones, showcasing Thai-inspired designs and fine Southeast Asian craftsmanship. In fact, some even go so far as to say that the jewellers from the Old Siam region are amongst the best in Thailand, noted for their fine detailed and innovative designs.

Yet where gold and silver shops are many and plenty scattered around buzzing China Town and beyond, Thai gemstone and jewellery houses have long been cropping up all over the city. Catering to Thai and international clientele, they focus on Thai-borne jewellery and design, paying great attention to top quality stones and age-old artistry. From folklore-inspired Thai ruby bracelets to delicate diamond floral earrings, have a look at our favourite local jewellery houses below — you’ll want to add these Thai treasures to your collection of sparkles.

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Above Diamond

Despite many diamond jewellery shops in Bangkok, one with lots of soul, depth, and story is Above Diamond. Established in 1959, dating back to the early days of the Thai diamond trade, Above Diamond was the first to pioneer a diamond shop in the Old Siam area. And that’s what makes them so extraordinary when creating Thai fine jewellery. Their legacy, history, and knowledge heirloom in this field makes them a trustworthy jeweller.

Moreover, what truly sets Above Diamond apart is the ability for customer engagement. With focused passion on handcrafting custom diamond engagement rings and wedding rings, every client can create their own one-of-a-kind piece for their most important moment. They even have a professional Design Consultant so customers can have an exceptional experience. Another aspect we love is their ethical sourcing, as their GIA-certified 100% natural diamonds are mined with the Kimberly Process. Rest assured that the unrivalled beauty of each exquisite treasured piece is conflict-free, socially, environmentally, and ecologically. How wonderful.

Image Credit: Above Diamond


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Inspired by the grace and elegance of Thai women, Sarran jewellery draws a beautiful link between rich culture and traditions in a contemporary form. Established in 2008 by Sarran Youkongdee, Sarran’s designs have been worn by anyone from celebrity to royalty, and it’s easy to see why so many fall in love with his ‘art to wear’ creations. His latest ‘Rattanakosin Shadow’ collection was inspired by the Thai women of the past, and how they used flowers as accessories and fragrant perfume. And indeed, upon first glance, Sarran’s pieces are quite literally gold and pearl adorned petals of beauty.

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Gems Pavilion

Gems Pavilion is one of Thailand’s leading fine jewellers, and has gained critical acclaim through its line of distinguished clientele. Confident, intelligent, and articulated pieces, Gems Pavilion focuses on bringing a sense of pride to those who bear their jewellery. With heritage lying at the essence of Thai pride, the exceptional pieces  are adorned with show-stopping white or coloured diamonds, as well as emerald and blue sapphire stones. Tailored to the exquisite style of the glamorous women who carry them, it’s a true testament to the timelessness of the Thai company’s fine jewellery.


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Nina the Jewel

Nina the Jewel is one of the largest fine jewellery vendors in Thailand, with its strong central Bangkok roots going back several decades. With a vast variety of jewellery designs to choose from, Nina the Jewel likely houses the most colourful selection of loose diamonds and rare gemstones on our list too. From unheated rubies, sapphires, padparadschas, and spinel, it’s a paradise for anyone looking to get a custom piece — with no wish too large, and no delicate detail too small.


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Ananta stands for eternity in Sanskrit language, and it is not without reason that the fine Thai jewellery brand bears this name. Drawing on the enduring symbolism of a diamond being forever, Ananta hopes its pieces too will be with you throughout life. In fact, the fine jeweller actively encourages its clients to learn about the stones and the jewellery they purchase, with a clear choosing guide to ensure the best personal pick. With a spotlight on Thailand’s rich selection of coloured gemstones, it’s a beautiful way to make an informed discovery of pieces designed to become later family heirlooms.


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The brainchild of Armenian brothers Arto and Saro Artinian, fine jewellery brand Artinian holds its exclusive headquarter within Bangkok’s Silom area. The second-generation jewellers are known for their philosophy of luxury, executed in impeccable style, and spotted on many red carpets. Most intriguingly, the fine jewellery house just unveiled a Pha Ya Nak Dragon Bangle for the 2018 St. Regis Charity. Inspired by local folklore and mythical creatures, the stunning 18 Karat rose gold bangle is set with 306 round brilliant cut diamonds, as well as 44 fine rubies. Embracing the predominant theme of pride in Thai heritage, it perfectly captures what it means to be a Thai fine jewellery house in Bangkok — that is, to let the beauty and story of Thailand sparkle in each diamond.


Where to find the most gorgeous Thai fine jewellery in Bangkok

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