Calling all January babies: it’s officially garnet season.

As we embrace the freshness in the air and seek different ways to find serenity this new year, it’s the perfect time to kickstart with a sense of goodwill and purpose – and those who are born in January, happen to be in luck. According to the American Gem Society, garnet is believed to enrich the wearer with eternal happiness, good health, and prosperity. It also makes a wonderful stone to gift your loved ones as it symbolises friendship and trust.

The name “garnet” derives from the Latin word ‘granatum’ often said to resemble the red seeds of the fruit pomegranate.When we say garnet, we are often referring to red garnet in particular, whilst it can also be found in a rainbow of extraordinary colours – from the fiery red of the pyrope garnet to the rich green of tsavorites – those born in January are lucky to have a birthstone that comes in many forms. One of the rarest of them all is the blue or colorless garnet, and even those that change colours from blue to purple in different lightings. Most of the time we see different hues of red garnet, ranging from rust coloured to deep violet red.

Garnet is found all over the world including Russia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Wyoming, India, and many more to count. However, the mandarin spessartite Garnets also known as mandarin garnets, are considered the most exclusive of them all and are a rare find.

Legend has it that this beautiful stone is the “Gem of Faith” that could really influence one’s circumstances in life. If you do good, your life will blossom beautifully, but with bad deeds, it could go all downhill. During the medieval age, we saw pharaohs in ancient Egypt wearing red garnet necklaces, and during the Victorian era, rose-cut garnets from the Czech Republic often were used for jewellery items and were very fashionable. Nothing has changed really because even as we swim into a new decade, all the fashion jewellery staple brands are treasuring garnet, in all the right ways.

From radiant classic staples to playful unique designs, here are five different ways you could rock garnet this season. New year, new jewellery. The perfect excuse to shine this gorgeous stone.

[Hero & Feature Image credit: Annoushka

Theo Fennell Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Bombe Ring

Known for their one-off designs and bespoke services for glittering patrons, Theo Fennell knows how to carry traditions the best through the eyes of jewel. Designed in the most unusual way with one of the most gorgeous precious stones, the Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Bombe Ring (approx. THB 286,271 ) steals the show from all the collection. The British quintessential jewellery maker handcrafted this ring in 18ct rose gold with black rhodium, 2.49ct mandarin garnet and 0.30ct diamond bombe. Its prestigious design and royal character makes it the perfect gift of love.

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Annoushka Dusty Diamonds Rose Gold Rhodolite Garnet Earrings

It’s not too early to fall in love already this season with these lavishly pure little drops of heaven. A combination of colourful hoops and drops makes these 18ct rose gold diamond earrings (approx. THB 126,678) the most sparkling way to flaunt rhodolite garnet with 1.17 ct sparkling diamonds. Gift yourself this beautiful pair of earrings at the beginning of the year to keep that motivation game strong. It will shimmer even in the darkest of days.

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Pandora Sterling Silver Heart

Did you leave your heart at Pandora’s? Because we sure did when we saw this charming sterling silver heart (approx. THB 1,658) boasting a beautiful red garnet. Whilst Pandora has an entire collection from Pandora Moments Charm to gift your special ones, with special editions for your birthstone, this one stands out as an adorable birthday gift, given that its a protective gem for travellers and a symbolism of love.

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Panthere de Cartier Necklace

Get a little cheeky with Cartier’s most symbolic animal jewel – the panther – and flaunt your wild side this season. The Panthere De Cartier Necklace (Approx. THB 281,996)  features 18K yellow gold, and black lacquer, and is set with one tsavorite garnet with 19 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.07 carats. Whether you want to show your playful side or your fierceness, this necklace is the perfect way to come out of your shell with a liberated personality.

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Theo Fennell Mali Garnet Empress Earrings

If you are looking for something that subtly flows in seamlessly with every mood and occasion, then the Mali Garnet Empress Earrings (approx. THB 523,185 ) will surely make you feel like a queen. Dipped in 18ct white gold and mounted with a 5.17ct mali garnet and 1.34ct diamond empress, this pair of mesmerising earrings will remind you why garnet is truly one of the most divine stones. Pull out your evening gown and flaunt Theo Fennell’s beauty like a star.

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