In 1971, the first ever piece of jewellery by Bangkok-borne JASMIN was crafted and presented to the Thai fine jewellery market. 48 years down the line, the brand much known for its ‘Everyday Shining’ tagline continues to produce meticulously designed handmade items, now with a clientele that spans the world over. In its latest Fundamental Collection, the jeweller draws from its core principles of innate beauty and inner value, all of which trace back to even before the single crafting of each individual piece. We took a loupe into the process to see how this is achieved.

JASMIN Fundamentals Collection

A study of sparkles

How do you create a piece of jewellery? What lies at the very core of the creative journey? For JASMIN, it begins with a study of concepts and objectives. Designs are drafted by hand, and examined thoroughly for function, safety, cost, and perhaps most stylishly significant, consumer preference and trends. From many sketches, the winning one is selected, and the process of production begins.

JASMIN Fundamentals Collection

Dedicated craftsmanship

JASMIN pieces come into conception in their offices and are all produced in their own factories. The jewellers start by mixing 99.99% solid gold and other metals to create the international standard 18k yellow gold, white gold, or pink gold bars. These are then crafted into different sizes to create basic forms to assemble and put together into one piece. Throughout this entire process, strict attention to detail is paid to the master design, with inspection and checking at every step. As the saying goes, you can’t fault a masterpiece, and thereby no fault may fall through in each of JASMIN’s masterpieces, too.

Then the glimmer and glam of the gemstone-setting begins. After the gold mounting has been approved, diamonds and other gems are selected by experienced gemologists to match quality and concept of the original design. The stones are set into the gold mounting piece by piece, after which the item is given precious plating as its final touch. The entire process can take anywhere from days to years, depending on design – be it a classic ring or an opulent tiara.

JASMIN Fundamentals Collection

Collections and Customisations

JASMIN provides its customers with two distinct options for crafting their creations: JASMIN Collections and JASMIN Customisation. The latter allows clients to run with their wildest dreams and request a design of their pleasing. The former refers to a series of pieces themed under the brand’s core belief. For years, JASMIN has revelled in a mission to bring every person’s inner diamond to shine by crafting pieces that enhance the individual’s already-sparkling aura by bringing a commonly undervalued aspect into the spotlight. The new Fundamental Collection is a lustrous exemplar of this message.

The Fundamental Collection

Bringing beauty to far-reaching depths, the Fundamental Collection sees the use of a diamond line to represent the ‘bone’ of each jewellery piece. This motif is the protagonist of the collection, with round and fancy shape diamonds dotted along it to enhance its appearance. The inspiration lies in reminding the wearer of her inner value, drawing on the inner workings of the JASMIN brand. It’s a physical and literal manifestation of the brand’s overarching backbone message and theme, and a beauty that goes beyond.

JASMIN Fundamentals Collection

The JASMIN Fundamental Collection is now available at JASMIN stores: M/F, The Emporium, +66 2 664 9009; Anantara Siam Hotel, +66 2 2500 740; Siam Takashimaya, 1/F, ICONSIAM, +66 63 52 554 24

Siam Takashimaya, 1/F, ICONSIAM, Charoen Nakhon Rd.
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