Calling all June babies: it’s officially pearl season.

We are all in awe this month for the birthstone that reigns from a living creature — pearl. According to the American Gems Society, June actually carries three beautiful birthstones with pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone only lurking our desires for the rainy season. But when it comes to bearing a stone for the month, the natural beauty and widely popular pearl has got our heart. Not only does pearl rise from the ocean and lakes, but this treasure trove is the only rare stone that is birthed from a living creature (that is, mollusks such as oysters and mussels).

There’s no denying that pearls have an exquisite beauty that magnifies a certain class, elegance, and sophistication. They don’t require any polishing to reveal their natural lustre and natural pearls made in the wild also happen to be one of the rarest and most expensive ones. Today, we see a majority of pearls being cultured or farmed by implanting a grafted piece of shell into oysters or mussels. Interestingly, Australia owns the largest remaining pearl diving fleets today and still harvests natural pearls from the Indian Ocean. Japan also owns one of the biggest fields of processing cultured pearls.

Pearl has been long associated with innocence, purity, and humility. In fact, ancients from the Middle East believed that pearls were teardrops fallen from heaven. Natural pearls have a pure creamy white lustre that gives them a pure sheen, whereas, cultured freshwater pearls can be dyed into many different colours.

From Emma Stone boasting a pearl as the centrepiece on her engagement ring, to Shawn Mendes flaunting a classic pearl choker at the pre-grammy awards, pearl jewellery is officially back in the limelight. Traditionally, the sweet nature of pearl makes it an ideal wedding gift and even a timeless wardrobe staple apt for every occasion. From a more sophisticated appearance to a quirky playful rendition, here’s how you could rock the June birthstone in style.

[Hero Image credit: Timeless Pearl & Feature Image credit: Mikomoto/Facebook]


It feels like beauty in its most vulnerable form. Sophie Bille Brahe’s elegant drops of heaven have been inspired by the twinkling night sky. These shiny ‘Venus’ earrings have been dipped in 14-karat gold with an organic pearl that sways with the wind. These Venus earrings make a perfect accessory to match your blazers at work and semi-formal outfits at events. 

Price: Approx. THB 27,514


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There couldn’t be a cheekier way to flaunt those tiny drops of pearl. We love Timeless Pearly’s letter handmade gold-tone pearl pendant that has been molded from lustrous pearls. It features a clasp fastening so it can easily be attached to any sort of chain. Style it as you like and gift your bestie a token of friendship. 

Price: Approx. THB 5,262


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This classy pearl necklace is a pretty nod to a bygone era and fine jewellery designer Mizuki Goltz’s best addition to her namesake collection. Brushed in 14-karat gold with the necklace strung dotted with a 0.025-carat diamond, this dainty design is subtle yet so sophisticated. Ladies, if you are in the mood for an evening gown, then this is your superstar. 

Price: Approx. THB 21,950

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This stunning piece is going to rule hearts like a queen. We’ve even seen Beyonce flaunting this ring. Inspired by Isis — the ancient Egyptian goddess of moon and magic — the ring is a symbolism of the sense of felinity, given its regal name which also means “woman of the throne.” Diaboli Kill’s Isis Goddess ring boasts a lustrous South Sea pearl enthroned in an 18-karat yellow fold and sprinkled with pave set brilliant white diamonds. The hand-painted black enamel gives a classic touch to a unique architectural design. Drop bae some hints and he might just be down on his knees with this spectacular ring. 

Price: THB 212,420

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A reflection of the pristine waves of the ocean, this pair of handmade earrings blesses us with cultured freshwater white Kesha pearls. Pacharee’s petal earrings are carved in a way to replicate the fluid shade of natural pearl that cascade down from the top. Dipped in Siam gold, this molded beauty is the only way we want to imagine our pearls. Perfect to pair with your summery hats and sundresses at the beach.

Price: THB 108,090

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We couldn’t have completed our roundup without this gorgeous delicate bracelet from the Halcyon collection. Meadowlark’s FOB Pearl Bracelet is back in the collection due to high demand and we are not surprised why. The pretty freshwater pearls traditionally knotted and mounted with the brand’s stamped bar is the most classic way to bear pearl. Forget about diamond bracelets, you can never go wrong with a pearl-full bracelet because its style and elegance speak for its own. It’s effortlessly chic creation allows it to blend seamlessly with any pair of earrings for a complete fashionable look. Keep in mind though, this item is made to order.

Price: Approx. THB 11,803

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