Calling all March-born babies: it’s officially aquamarine season.

Early spring has approached and whilst we are jazzing up our wardrobe with seasonal apparel, this month’s refreshing watery-hue gem happens to match our summery vibe. It certainly feels like a fresh splash.

According to the American Gems Society, March is blessed with two beautiful birthstones — aquamarine and bloodstone — which don’t really follow the identical-twinning fashion when it comes to its appearance, yet each share a similarly meaningful symbolism and protective qualities.

Reflecting the pure beauty and tranquility of its namesake, the sea, Aquamarine is a semi-precious gem from the Beryl family of minerals, which also includes emeralds. The stone is also identified as the “Sailor’s Stone”, because during the olden days, sailors believed that aquamarine protected them from disasters and protected the wearer. Aquamarine grows in large, six-sided crystals, sometimes on a scale up to a foot long, making a stunning piece of jewellery when faceted in larger carats. It is found in Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Pakistan, and Mozambique.

If you’re into meditation and crystal healing, then aquamarine strikes all the right chords. The stone echoes a soothing energy and has a strong ability to protect and purify energy. Aquamarine is often light in tone, ranging from a deep greenish-blue to blue-green, with larger stones infusing a more intense colour and darker blue stones having a greater value. History speaks a lot for this regal beauty, given that Queen Elizabeth II adored aquamarines, so much so that she had her own collection of royal jewels.

March babies, there are many styles to flaunt this breezy blue gem. Here are five different ways you could rock aquamarine this season.

[Hero Image & Feature Image credit: Tiffany & Co. ]

Theo Fennell Daydreamer earrings

Set the scene with these dreamy pair of droplet earrings that echo grace and elegance. Theo Fennell’s Daydreamer earrings (approx. THB 367,563) are dipped in 18ct White Gold and  mounted with 3.93 ct Aquamarine, 0.58 ct Blue Sapphire, and 0.37 ct Diamond. This exquisite piece of jewellery brings a red-carpet kind of vibe to the floor. Pair it with your evening gown and it’s sure to catch all the attention.

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Tiffany Aquamarine Flower Necklace

The intricate design and abstract flower petals make this necklace a standout from Tiffany’s Paper Flowers collection. Call it a modern take on the natural world or purely a garden of blooming flowers, this elegant piece is all about creating a balance of refined femininity and industrial innovation. Tiffany’s Aquamarine Flower Necklace (approx. THB 361,215) features a combination of mixed-cut round diamonds with cushion-cut aquamarines that blend gracefully to make a bold statement. Whilst we love going the classic route, be a little playful this season.

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Annoushka Touch Wood charm

Consider this your personal talisman of good fortune. Layer up this season with this gorgeous carved dome that happens to be a miniature circle of ebony — so that you will always be ‘touching wood’. The odds are simply in your favour. Annoushka’s Touch Wood charm (approx. THB 103,635) has been crafted with 18ct yellow gold and 45 stones including 15.82 ct aquamarine and 0.2 ct diamonds. Annoushka has infused the Russian heritage into this beauty by taking some inspiration from the famous onion domes of Russia. Jazz it up by wearing the charm as a necklace alone, or layer it alongside other pendants. This stylish, eye-catching ornament blends in seamlessly with your everyday wear, which makes it so worth it.

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Christian Dior Diorette ring

We are in the mood to go vibrant this season. An ode to the flowers and bucolic fantasies of Christian Dior’s garden Mily-la-Foret, this ring brings out our inner cheeky side. We love the classic cocktail rings, but Diorette just blows our mind with its mischievous character and boldness. The Diorette ring is dipped in 18K white gold and features diamond and aquamarines, where each part of the ring has been hand-lacquered. Let’s be experimental this March and flaunt our floral mounted ring with our pastel-coloured nails.

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Pomellato’s Earring Bahia

The sultry soft drops of pastel in this pair of earrings is truly mesmerising. Pomellato’s earring Bahia (approx. THB 852,485) makes a gorgeous centrepiece for us to boast with its hypnotic crystal-blue hue. The earring comes in white gold with aquamarine and diamonds. It’s Women’s History Month, so that makes it the perfect occasion. After all, every woman deserves a rich dose of aquamarine.


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Tiffany & Co. Soleste Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Last but not the least, here’s the sensuous cocktail ring you’ve been thinking about all along. The sparkly shimmering diamonds and vibrant pear-shaped aquamarine set in platinum is simply flawless and irresistible. Tiffany & Co.’s Soleste Aquamarine and Diamond Ring (approx. THB 271,033) could be your 19th-anniversary gift or something you would treat yourself after payday. After all, who needs a best friend when you have an aquamarine?

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