Pearl: the true treasure that is ruling hearts this summer.

From the ever-changing fashion trends like oversized jewellery to between-the-finger rings, there’s nothing quite like pearl jewellery when it comes to a classic, timeless look.

This year, pearl is definitely going stronger than ever, as it has risen to be the most unexpected and hottest jewellery trend of 2020. We’ve seen the shimmering jewellery make the most out of street-style with fancy headbands and chokers, over to more unconventional ways of flaunting the mother-of-pearl.

We often consider pearl to be old-fashioned, but if anything, it has proven itself as versatile, contemporary, and lavishly chic. It’s been a royal wardrobe staple — from Princess Diana donning her pearls to Cleopatra’s famous story of sacrificing her pearl earrings — and has a rich history to it. In popular culture, we loved seeing Harry Styles flaunting a classic pearl necklace in a dapper suit while Gigi Hadid casually wears her pearls with tie-dye T-shirts — the street-smart way to go. In short, we are loving pearls yet again.

If you’ve been wanting to jazz up your spring wardrobe with some pearl accessories, here are some of our favourite designs from luxury jewellery designers. Glam up ladies, it’s pearl season.

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Colette Penacho Pearl Ring

Inspired by Colette’s Mexican heritage and paying homage to Aztec culture, this Penacho Pearl Ring reminds us of the feathers in Aztecan headdresses. Let’s be honest, we don’t see such unique designs very often. The ring features a careful selection of stones such as malachite, lápiz lazuli, onyx, mother of pearl, and diamonds. Dipped in 18-karat gold, this beauty brings the Mexican culture to life. Pair it with your everyday office look or casual jeans.

Price: THB 146,900

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Colette Moon Cage Pendant

Who doesn’t want to be amongst the stars? There’s something so mesmerising about the Moon Cage Pendant that could intrigue anyone. Draped with black and 0.50 cts white diamonds, Tahitian pearls, and moonstone, this stunning piece represents the essence of our galaxy. Flaunting an 18-karat gold necklace, we wouldn’t be surprised if this necklace is the showstopper in your daily runway.

Price: THB 205,820

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Kavant & Sharart Talay Wave Twist Pearl Hoop Earrings

The most classy way to go is to pair pearl and sapphires together because they blend seamlessly. The Talay Wave Twist Pearl Hoop Earrings is a combination of custom-cut baguette sapphire and round brilliant-cut sapphires adorned with an illusion of a floating pearl in the middle of the ocean. So elegant.

Price: THB 195,041

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Pacharee Citrine Dhin Earrings

Continuing to celebrate the legacy from the very first pair of earrings designed from the label, the Dhin earrings by Pacharee feature organically shaped citrine and hand-sculpted gold cascading down to the baroque pearls. We love that the uniquely-shaped pearls are flowing in their own harmony.

Price: THB 202,908

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Meadowlark Paris Hoop Earrings

Much like the ever-so-popular Romeo Hoops, these Paris Hoop Earrings have been curated with lavish round pearls. Flaunting seven tiny seed pearls, these adorable rounded hoops are an easy-wearing everyday elegance.

Price: THB 10,600

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Ananya White Gold Ring

If you are looking for a ring that signifies royalty, then the Ananya White Gold Ring is for you. Adorned with pearls, yellow sapphires, and diamonds, this gorgeous piece is the kind that you will fall in love with at first sight. Consider it the stunning jewel that belongs to the red carpet look.

Price:  THB 167,993

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Jemma Wynne’s Prive Pearl and Diamond Triple Ear Cuff

We love that it’s super trendy yet so sophistically chic. Jemma Wynne’s Prive Pearl and Diamond Triple Ear Cuff is the cheeky way to flaunt those pearl drops. Match it with your sleek blazers or summery dresses — either way it looks cool.

Price: THB 163,346

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Timeless Pearly Gold-tone pearl choker

We couldn’t have completed our list without the most trending piece of jewellery making rounds this spring. That’s right: the pearl choker is back and here to stay. Giving pearl necklaces a modern twist, this pearl choker is the new millennial way to flaunt this beautiful stone. This handmade vintage-inspired jewellery flaunts a gold-tone metal laced with lustrous freshwater pearls giving it a playful vibe. The best part? It has an open back so you can style it however you feel comfortable.

Price: Approx. THB. 8,682

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