Calling all June babies: it’s officially pearl season.

Though ‘pearl season’ is a bit of an understatement. According to the American Gem Society, June presents a triple threat in the realm of monthly birthstones, with all pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone attributed to those born in the summery month. Nevertheless, we’re calling pearl the leading lady for June, not only because she shines for her beauty, but also for the fact that it is the only gemstone in the jewellery trove that is made by a living creature (think, mollusks and clams).

And indeed, the June birthstone is known to breathe much class into any and every outfit. Pearls are found in many parts of the world and have featured in many social and cultural environments. In the movie realm, Audrey Hepburn sported them in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in what is possibly one of the most iconic moments in jewellery cinematography. Coco Chanel wore pearls and made them synonymous with the French high fashion brand in the mid-1900s. And even in the realm of classical art, there is no gemstone more famous than the pearl; the accessory on the lobe of Johannes Vermeer’s infamous Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Girl with the Pearl Earring
Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer. Image Credit: Johannes Vermeer [public domain]
Regardless, pearls do not sport that often scarily high-brow aura of their diamond, sapphire, or emerald siblings. They don’t require polishing to reveal their lustre, and they shimmer with purity, humility, and innocence. They are traditional wedding gifts, and boast an appeal that – and this attribute is actually quite rare – is universally classic. From their most established forms and patrons over to more contemporary renditions, here’s how you can wear pearls and rock the June birthstone in style.

Featured image credit: Guerlain SS 2010; Hero image credit: Tiffany & Co.

June Birthstone: Chanel

Chanel Earrings

Before the necklace and the bracelet, the stud is definitely the most conventional way to sport pearl. And whilst pearl studs are many and plenty on the market, we love Chanel’s rendition of the timeless staple (approx. THB 11,925), adorned with their iconic logo in gold colour. Suited to any and every occasion, they’re the kind of earrings that simply do not know how to look out of place, and always brighten the face with a subtly light glow. Pair with golden accessories to suit, and effortlessly carry them from morning coffee runs and meetings into business lunches and indulgent dinners. Incredibly versatile.

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June Birthstone: Mikimoto

Mikimoto Pearl Necklace

Whilst Chanel had Coco to carry into the world the brand’s love for pearls, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s had Audrey, Mikimoto is a symbol entirely in itself that represents the shimmery June birthstone. Breaking a little away from a classic string of pearls or a pearl collar necklace, this Mikimoto piece (approx. THB 326,775) manages to infuse sophisticated design with a little playfulness. Part of the Skipping Rope Collection, the necklace is made up of Akoya cultured pearls on an 18k white gold string, with two 0.19ct diamonds. Endlessly elegant.

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June Birthstone: Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. Open Heart Pearl Bracelet

Much like a diamond bracelet, a pearl bracelet is the kind you can wear when you don’t know what to wear, and when you want to make a safe (and stunning nevertheless) stylistic choice. Yet whilst diamonds sparkle bright and beautiful, a pearl bracelet has something far less intimidating and far more youthful about it. This Tiffany & Co. Open Heart Pearl Bracelet (approx. THB 24,200) is a prime example. The sterling silver bracelet is completed with freshwater culture pearls, in a design by the amazing Elsa Peretti. The delicate heart toggle closure was created to celebrate the spirit of love, and indeed, there’s lots to fall for here.

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Pacharee Mini Pearls Double Ring

There is a lot to admire about a string of perfectly shaped pearls, but in recent years more naturally shaped pearls too have finally been given their time in the spotlight. Bearing a deeper sense of character at every natural curve and bump, they’re a perfect fit for those who like to go for a more boho chic vibe. Our favourite Thai-borne name in the game for these is Pacharee. In this Mini Pearls Double Ring (approx. THB 15,115), the organically shaped mini pearls offer a lot of personality, with the warmth of the hand-edged gold ring to suit. Stack with other rings or wear on its own for a fabulous cocktail ring alternative.

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Annoushka Gold Pearl Diamond Necklace

For those who prefer to rock a single pearl as opposed to a full necklace of them, there is still very much a charm to the classic pearl pendant. This Annoushka Gold Pearl Diamond Necklace (approx. THB 10,465) balances simple staples with creative design, featuring a lustrous freshwater pearl as the star, and a 0.02ct diamond and 18ct yellow gold as handsome accompaniments. Fuss-free but by no means boring, the necklace makes for an accessory that is easy to wear on many and any a day, and is a reminder of why pearls have been so adored for many and any a year.

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