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How SARRAN jewellery connects art, female strength, and natural beauty

On first glance, Sarran jewellery doesn’t look like jewellery. The strings of intricately crafted oriental flowers, golden plates, and beaded frills seem to be works of art on their own, rather than mere accessories. That is, of course, the spirit of Sarran. Indeed, ‘spirit’ is the fitting name given to the new Sarran collection that’s just launched this week. It’s a collection that truly embraces the idea of fine jewellery being better thought of as “wearable art” — as Khun Sarran himself describes. We had a first look at the Spirit collection at the Grand Hyatt Erawan’s Club 21 and spoke to the young Thai jewellery designer about his inspirations — most of which lie in the zen spirit of Japan. Over some gorgeously blended tea from the event’s tea workshop (Sarran himself grows the tea leaves) and beautiful Japanese patisseries, Sarran shared some of his thoughts on what jewellery should be.

[All images courtesy of Club 21 Thailand]

Sarran Youkongdee with models wearing Sarran jewellery

Sarran jewellery and female strength

A Sarran ear cuff

“I won’t say I went through a rough childhood, but I grew up in a family that wasn’t particularly loving. My mum was someone who had to fight hard all her life to get by; she’s one of my main sources of inspiration when it comes to my jewellery. It was because of her that I started to become so aware of the strength of women. There’s a stereotype in gender roles whereby men would go out to work and into all the hardships of life while women would remain at home and take care of the household and children. Whenever you hear that, you get the sense that this is a woman’s role because she’s the weaker sex. I don’t think that could be further from the truth. In my view, looking after the home and taking care of children are probably the most important and also hardest roles to do in life. It takes strength, patience, and stamina — all of which I think every woman possesses. This is the spirit I wanted to capture in my work — the combination of femininity, elegance, and toughness.”

Sarran’s “Spirit” collection

Sarran jewellery and the power of art

Saran’s “Spirit” collection

“I’ve always wanted people to see my jewellery as more than just accessories, but as art. I dedicate most of my efforts into the quality and taste of artistry in my pieces because art is something I hold very close to my heart. When I was going through some tough periods during my childhood, I realised a way to channel my emotions through the outlet of art. Art helped me to overcome so many tough times. I don’t just believe in its healing powers — I really see it as a fact. There’s strength in art, just as there is strength in women, and this combination has the power to create something truly beautiful both visually and spiritually. Because I feel so strongly about this, I collaborated with Jim Thompson last year for a programme that helps children around Thailand develop their artistic minds and skills. We particularly worked with children who are going through similar domestic situations as I had. It was such an amazing experience and I’m already planning to have more artistic Asian brands collaborate with us for this. I think it’s a really important thing to do.”

Saran’s “Spirit” collection

Sarran jewellery and the beauty of nature

Saran’s “Spirit” collection

“My jewellery is very floral-inspired for big reason. For me, women and flowers are so similar. Just looking at their similar shapes and figures you already feel a connection. There’s also that sense of delicateness and elegance combined with a strong sense of inner spirit, a kind of strength. I also believe that although they may be perceived as quite fragile or even just decorative, flowers play very important roles in our world – just like women. How can something be so functional yet so beautiful and spiritual? Because that’s nature. Nature has its own mysterious way of making sure everything works, whilst also being beautiful to look at. It’s a very special inspiration to me, especially when I think about how women and nature connect on such a deep level. It’s also why Sarran also has a line of floral scents you can personalise your jewellery with.”

Saran jewellery is intricately crafted with paper, giving them a light and delicate feel combined with elegant luxury

Sarran jewellery and the modern woman

Sarran’s “Spirit” collection

“I’m often asked whether my style of jewellery might be perceived as too old-fashioned or too traditional to fit in with modern wardrobes. The truth is, I see it from a different perspective. If you look beyond these pieces as jewellery and instead see them as flowers, then I think they’re wearable for women of all generations. Throughout history and all across present generations, women have always loved flowers. Even a three year old girl can appreciate the beauty of flowers! It’s one of the very rare things that are so universally accepted as beautiful. But when these flowers are combined with strong jewellery structures, like our gold plates and statement lengths, there’s a whole other level added to it. Sarran jewellery is about showing how strength, toughness, and individuality can also show itself in a feminine and elegant way. And I think that’s an essential part of the modern perception of women. So, even though we’re associated with traditional flowers and heritage styles, I think Sarran jewellery has really always been for the modern woman.

Sarran’s “Spirit” collection is available to purchase now at Club 21 Thailand. Locations: 1/F Grand Hyatt Erawan, Ploen Chit Road, Bangkok 10330 (10am-8pm). M/F Emquartier, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110 (10am-8pm). www.sarranyoukongdee.com.

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