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7 super cute Thai jewellery and accessories stores on Instagram

During the pandemic, one of our favourite activities is shopping online — especially on Instagram. Here are some of the cutest Thai jewellery and accessories brands on Instagram to check out.

With more people staying home all during the semi-lockdown, many are looking into jewellery-making as a hobby and selling their creations online. No matter whether you prefer bigger stones or simpler designers, there are plenty of Thai accessories to shop on Instagram. It also allows you to shop local and support smaller businesses, which can be crucial at this time. Here are some of the Thai jewellery and accessories stores on Instagram on our radar.

[Featured Image Credit: @sevendays.a.week/Instagram; Hero Image Credit: Taylor Beach/Unsplash]


Perfect for the summer, Sundaisy utilise a ’90s classic in their jewellery: Puka shells. They have Puka shell necklaces that could match any outfit, and if you don’t like necklaces, they also have anklets. You will need to check out their store before you hang out under the sun. They also have other summer accessories like beach knit head covers, too.

[Image Credit: Sundaisy Stuido via Instagram]

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This custom-made jewellery store offers different beaded accessories, from necklaces to anklets and everything thing in between. You can customise your necklaces with any word you want. You can also pick and choose the colours that you like. Too lazy to customise? You can also choose from the existing shop. These handmade accessories should be on your to-buy list, not only for yourself but for all your friends.

[Image Credit: Accsoroot via Instagram]

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Stones like Rose Quartz and Amethyst are not only good as jewellery, but people also believe that they have additional powers. Aroon Factory makes use of these stones, featured in different sizes. Available as bracelets, necklaces, and rings, their chains are 92.5% silver, too.

[Image Credit: Aroon Factory via Instagram]


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Minimalistic designs are all the rage. Making use of pastel colours and simple prints, Mellar makes a variety of earrings and hair clips. Earrings are some of the most underrated pieces of jewellery, but instead of hiding these behind your hair, you could definitely show them off with these pieces.

[Image Credit: Mellar via Instagram]

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In this pandemic, no matter what accessory you have on, you will always need a face mask. And why don’t we make masks more interesting? This Thai accessories brand does just that. They make beaded mask straps in various colours and styles, and can be easily matched to your outfit of the day.

[Image Credit: Bring the beads via Instagram]

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Elegance should always be a factor to consider when looking at accessories, and Seven Days a Week brings exactly that. The store mixes the classics with the contemporary. They use a lot of gold and pearl, as well as beads to accentuate either of these two colours. With many new designs to choose from constantly, they’re a fun account to follow.

[Image Credit: Seven Day a Week via Instagram]


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Wanting to represent the feeling of waking up on Sunday Morning, this brand uses a playful design in their pieces. They were established earlier this year and offer necklaces, anklets, earrings, and even chain belts. Combining serious chains with joyful accents like colourful gummy bears is a fun and unexpected way to add a twist to your jewellery.

[Image Credit: Sunday Morning via Instagram]

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