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Unleash your wild side with these animal inspired rings

All aboard our safari of sparkles.

Animal inspired rings, bracelets, and necklaces are proving incredibly popular this year, with high fashion brands and jewellery houses embracing their wild sides by seeking inspiration from the mighty animal kingdom. Allowing their wearer to embrace the fierce lioness (or sweet singing bird) that lies within, these pieces creatively celebrate our furry, feathery, and scaly friends in imaginatively whimsical and wonderful ways.

Like the Discovery Channel but with diamonds or National Geographic with precious gemstones, we’ve put together a list of some of the best animal inspired rings of the moment. From delicate hummingbirds to seductive serpents, come on an adventure and take your pick of our favourites below. Worn as a statement piece for your next night out or as a fun way to spruce up your office attire, they’re the perfect excuse to, well, go wild.

Featured Image Credit: Bulgari; Hero Image Credit: Boucheron

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Boucheron Hopi The Hummingbird Ring

Over 20 different animal species fill the bestiary of the Boucheron Collection of Animals jewellery line, from wolves and parrots to white swans and polar bears. This precious Hopi The Hummingbird Ring (approx. THB 4,075,720) is a shimmering key piece of the collection, made with one show-stopping cushion yellow beryl, round diamonds, round yellow sapphires, round emeralds, and yellow and white gold. An elegant choice for a cocktail ring, true to the joyful nature of the hummingbird.

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Cartier Panthère de Cartier Ring

For a dazzling statement ring that bites back, the Cartier Panthère de Cartier Ring (approx. THB 5,595,685) makes for a striking choice. The white gold ring features the French luxury jewellery brand’s iconic panther set with brilliant-cut diamonds, onyx stones, and two very fierce pear-shaped emerald eyes. The kind of ring only a strong woman could pull off, best suited for a roaring wild night on the town.

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Gucci Le Marché des Merveilles Ring

Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele continues to be inspired by the animal kingdom. This beautifully imaginative Le Marchè des Merveilles 18k yellow gold ring (approx. THB 101, 886) comes with a red, yellow, or green patterned enamel design, and features a feline head that continues into a fin as it wraps around the finger. Two round brilliant cut diamond eyes adorn the head, making for an accessory that will catch eyes no matter where you go. 

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Chaumet Jardins ‘Araignée’ Ring

Halloween is lurking just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a glammed up way to celebrate the season, this Chaumet Jardins ‘Araignée’ ring (POA) could just be it. Made with yellow gold, the ring is set with diamonds on each of the spider legs, a 0.61 carat yellow sapphire at its head, and a 5.26 carat pear-shaped green tourmaline for its body. Wild, organic, and delicately crafted, it’s an accessory that could work as well in autumn as it could in spring. A feminine and fluttering tribute to nature.

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Bulgari Serpenti Ring

Would our list really be complete without mention of Bulgari’s iconic serpent? Seductively coiling around the finger in ways only a piece from the Italian jewellery brand’s Serpenti Collection knows how, this 18k rose gold Bulgari Serpenti ring (approx. THB 1,002,835) brings snake scales to life with a charismatic contrast of pave diamonds and snakewood. Seductive, hypnotic, and preciously powerful, the sensual ring becomes not only the spirit animal of Bulgari, but that of its wearer, too.

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Swarovski March Owl Motif Ring

For a less serious and more playful approach to the animal theme, this Swarovski March Owl Motif ring (approx. THB 5,465) makes for a light-hearted accessory that is easy to wear every day. Plated in gold, the ring features a mix of dark multi-coloured crystals, with an air of vintage glamour. A must-have and a great gift for the dedicated night owl in your life, pair it with any off-duty outfit for a beautiful – nay, hootiful – look.

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Saint Laurent Snake Ring in Silver Metal

Bringing all the hardcore cool points to the style table, Saint Laurent manages to pull off animal inspired jewellery in a way that still looks very rock ‘n’ roll. This Snake Ring (approx. THB 12,780) comes in a wild silver tone featuring a brass triple-coil ring and snakehead holding a glass bead ball. With ‘YSL’ engraved under its head, it’s an ideal style option for the fashionista with a glam punk edge.

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Unleash your wild side with these animal inspired rings

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