If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, pearls are her timeless confidante. Sapphires are her regal evening company, and emeralds take her to brunch. Tourmalines colour her mornings, and rubies indulge at the table for dinner. You get the gist. You can never go wrong with jewellery. Yet if you’re (still) scouring the sparkling streets looking for the perfect set in a clueless and angsty pre-Vday, fret no more: our ultimate Valentine’s Day 2019 jewellery gift guide is here.

Valentine’s Day jewellery is known to be playful. It’s romantic in both the literal and traditional sense. We’re talking red and pink hues; we’re talking heart shapes and infinity symbols; we’re talking the full mile, and the full cheese. However, not every lady is a lady that revels in red and rosy, which is why we’ve put together a lustrous list suited to any kind of woman, and any kind of style. From dark retro drop earrings to classic pendants and pearls, here are some of the best ways to say ‘I love you’ in the most blingin’ and beautiful way.

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Valentine's Day 2019 Jewellery Gift Guide: Mikimoto

Mikimoto Pierced Earrings

The fashion bible we know by the name of Vogue has actually listed pearls as the best gift for Valentine’s Day this year, and following suit in serious style, we’re loving these earrings (approx. THB 41,700) by Japanese fine jewellery brand Mikimoto. Two entwined 18k rose gold hearts (one for you, one for boo) dangle with an Akoya cultured pearl at 5.75mm in this piece, making for a truly feminine and romantic gift.

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 Valentine's Day 2019 Jewellery Gift Guide: Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. Embrace Band Ring

Let’s be honest. It would be downright weird to do a jewellery gift guide for Valentine’s Day and not include Tiffany & Co. The American jewellery house is practically synonymous with the big day of love, and from heart-shaped pendants to inscriptions, provides plenty to choose from. Yet for those ladies who like a subtle bit of sparkling romance, this Embrace Band Ring (approx. THB 283,850) is an absolutely stunning fit, featuring a full circle of round pink sapphires and round brilliant diamonds in platinum. It’s easy to wear (and wow) every day, and is sure to woo the leading lady in your life.

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 Valentine's Day 2019 Jewellery Gift Guide: Chanel

Chanel Clip-On Earrings

For the woman who embraces the girly but doesn’t shy away from a little ’80s punk rock, what could be cooler than these Chanel Clip-on Earrings (approx. THB 30,660)? A perfect gift for the person who has a heart of gold, these dangly Chanel hearts of gold feature that iconic logo at its centre, and are made with metal and resin for a great casual costume jewellery accessory. We’ve seen red love hearts many and plenty this Valentine’s Day, and for the one who doesn’t like to play by the rules, this pair is a beautiful and stylish rendition.

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Valentine's Day 2019 Jewellery Gift Guide: Maison Artinian

Maison Artinian Venus Collection Rings

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, the women on Venus have some jaw-dropping-ly enviable bling. This Valentine’s Day, Bangkok’s beloved Maison Artinian presents two Venus Collection rose gold rings (THB 95,000 for the classic size; THB 50,000 for the pixie size), inspired by a bonding duality and flowing love lines. Made with 18k rose gold and round brilliant cut Belgian diamonds, the rings can be worn together, with one sitting on the finger in classic style and the pixie ring worn on the top part of the finger for a more contemporary flair. Feminine and imaginative, get them engraved with a message at Artinian Atelier, and know that whatever planet you may be from, whoever you gift these to will love you to moons and beyond.

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Note: Prices mentioned are exclusive to Lifestyle Asia readers, and are valid until 28 February 2019

Valentine's Day 2019 Jewellery Gift Guide: Cartier

Cartier Juste un Clou Torque Necklace XL

If you’re really looking to nail it this Valentine’s Day, switch it up with Cartier’s incredibly iconic Juste un Clou Torque Necklace in large (THB 15,900,000). The white gold collar necklace seductively graces the neck with a generous sprinkling of full pave diamonds, making for an exquisite and contemporary cool piece of jewellery. Designed in the 1970s in New York and inspired by a simple nail, the Juste un Clou collection reflects a wild and innovative era, bringing a creative and extraordinary twist to a very ordinary and familiar mechanical object. There’s almost even something seductive about this necklace, which is ideal for the woman for which you’ve totally got a couple screws loose for.

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Valentine's Day 2019 Jewellery Gift Guide: Pacharee

Pacharee Mini Pearl Alphabet Necklace

There’s something really old school and romantic about wearing an alphabet necklace. It can be a marker for the initial of someone you love, it could be your own in a practice of self love, or it could be entirely random; who knows? This sweet Pacharee Mini Pearl Alphabet Necklace (approx. THB 13,690) is a charming way to succumb to the trend, made using freshwater pearls carefully inserted into a textured gold setting. Customizable to three different lengths, the necklace is certainly a bold one, and makes for a great statement accessory for a great love with a capital L.

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Valentine's Day 2019 Jewellery Gift Guide: Chopard

Chopard Happy Hearts Bangle

Not just an adorable name but a worthy cause too, this special edition Chopard Happy Hearts Bangle (approx. THB 93,365) was designed in association with the Naked Heart Foundation, dedicated to helping children. A preciously heartfelt modern-day talisman, the 18k rose gold bracelet is adorned with a pink mother-of-pearl heart and one of Chopard’s iconic moving diamonds. It’s a line that represents the free-spirited woman, who still, quite lovingly and literally, likes to wear her heart on her sleeve (well, wrist).

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Valentine's Day 2019 Jewellery Gift Guide: Jasmin Jewelry

Jasmin Jewelry Modest Facet White Gold Diamond Earrings

Jasmin Jewelry’s tagline is famously known as ‘Everyday Shining’, and for the woman who truly shines every day, these Modest Facet White Gold Diamond Earrings (185,000) make for a dazzling must-have. Shaped almost like floral shooting stars, the 18k white gold earrings feature 1.20 carat brilliant cut diamonds, and 1.68 carat tapered diamonds in almost blinding beauty. They’re certainly eye-catching earrings, but then again, the apple of your eye deserves no less.

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