The experts at Pantone have spoken: Ultra Violet, a blue-based purple shade, has been declared Colour of the Year. Described by the colour authority as “complex and contemplative”, the purple hue evokes a sense of richness, vitality and pizzaz, especially when compared to last year’s nature-themed Greenery — a calmer, softer colour. It’s also an eye-catching and versatile shade that we can easily imagine incorporating into our homes and apparel.

If you’re hoping to inject subtle touches of Ultra Violet into your lifestyle without committing to a purple abode or ensemble, we suggest adding it into your accessory stash instead through amethyst jewels. Amethyst is a type of quartz that derives its distinctive violet colour from iron impurities and exposure to radiation, and may come in various shades ranging from light to dark purple.

Its roots go way back to Ancient Egypt, where the Egyptians used it in their jewellery. Amethyst was popular during the Aegean Civilisations too, as the Greeks believed it could prevent drunkenness. Some even wore it as a talisman when they consumed alcohol, or drank out of amethyst cups hoping they could stay sober.

While we can’t promise that wearing amethyst will ward off inebriation, we can certainly vouch for its glam factor. Here are 5 of our favourite amethyst jewels, which range from dramatic statement pieces to elegant designs suitable for everyday wear.