When you have a decent load of cash to burn, even the most exclusive of things can seem unappealing after a while, and that’s when only that “one-of-a-kind” status would cut it. Just as well, because there’s never been such a variety of choice in the watch industry than now. The rise of customisable watch brands is testament to that.

A timepiece is inarguably one of the most personal possessions you can own. Often purchased to mark a special occasion such as a milestone, birth, or even a token of gratitude, there’s nothing like a personalised piece to immortalise that ephemeral moment. Though the trend started off by simply offering varying watch straps, the possibilities opened up as soon as early artisan watchmakers found a demand for simple engravings and then intricate miniature dial paintings. Soon, clients even began asking for specific complications in the movement.

Today, customisable watch brands include esteemed names such as Patek Philippe and Jaeger-LeCoultre, as well as more niche ones such as Brüggler. Even TAG Heuer had just jumped on the bandwagon by roping in bespoke watch specialists Bamford Watch Department to oversee their customers’ growing drive for individuality.

There are few things that excite people more than the ability to create something that reflects their personality. Here, we bring you seven customisable watch brands that would surely satisfy even the fussiest of clients.