From high tech to high fashion, rose gold has swept over our smartphones, our bathrooms, and even our bronzers, like a dusky storm we never expected to happen. The colour and material trend cropped up years ago, and what seemed to be just another hot Pantone moment quickly became a serious style staple that has proven it’s here to stay and play.

Different to silver or yellow gold, rose gold comes as the latter’s super trendy sister, with an elegance that copper could never quite pull off, and the cool points that steel could never really win. The charming pink hue of the material has thereby inspired many watchmakers to incorporate it in many of their novelties, and even in revamps of classic models.

Bringing a warm pink shimmer to the passage of time, we’ve put together a list of our favourite rose gold watches of the moment, holding back on no tourmaline or tourbillon to prove the high-shine appeal of the highly photogenic material. Some a deep summer’s rosé, others more millennial pastel, pop on your rose-coloured glasses and get ready to embrace the prettiest in pink.