Between sports watches and dive watches, there are many luxury timepieces that are suitable for the avid traveler, all made with durable materials and pressure-defying sensors. And yet the world time complication, or the worldtimer watch, ups the ante for travel timepieces like no other, allowing wearers to hover over the cities of the globe with a single glimpse at their wrist.

Best recognised by an enamelled or engraved map on its dial, the worldtimer watch is picking up speed as jet-setting ladies and high-flying gentlemen alike are falling in love with its exquisite celebration of horological artistry and technological innovation. Most commonly encircled by a marker of all 24 time zones, the watch allows anyone anywhere to tell the time in many major cities, be they in New York or Bangkok. (Or just dreaming of New York and Bangkok on a rainy Monday morning.)

Journey through some of our favourite worldtimer watches of the moment, and consider them an inspired invitation to travel — through the time zones of the earth, the rotations of the sun, and the phases of the moon — all from your wrist. Simply magical.