The annual Siam Paragon Watch Expo is officially upon us, and the world’s most collectible watches are all gathered under one roof right here in Bangkok. The most spellbinding one so far? The very limited edition and highly fascinating Swatch Flymagic.


With a special introduction from Tipanat Lenbury, the Managing Director of The Swatch Group (Thailand), the Flymagic made its debut at the Swatch pop-up store at Siam Paragon. In fact, this is its first debut in Asia. 

The Swatch pop-up store at Siam Paragon Watch Expo 2019.

The Swatch Flymagic represents a truly magical revolution in the world of watches. This special new timepiece is the world’s first one to have a paramagnetic Nivachron hairspring — a device that counters the effect of magnetic fields. These fields in our everyday environment have a marked negative effect on mechanical watch movements. The Flymagic’s balance spring is made from a newly developed titanium-based alloy to reduce these damaging influences. Not only that, the watch also holds excellent resistance to shock, ageing, and changes in temperature.

The Flymagic in ‘Blue Hawk’.

For a unique feature of design, this magician’s watch has a transparent winding rotor and the small second hand rotates anti-clockwise. There’s a unique beauty in being able to see this fascinating movement. 

The Flymagic in ‘Red Surprise’.

With its innovative balance spring, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and 19 jewels, the Swatch Flymagic is available in very limited quantities. Thailand is one of only three countries to have the honour of debuting the special watch in its three colours: ‘Black Suspense’, ‘Red Surprise’, and ‘Blue Hawk’. You’d better have a quick sleight of hand to secure one of these magical watches on your wrists. There are only 20 Flymagic watches available in each colour, and only 1500 of them altogether in the world. Once you do manage to nab one of them, yours will have its unique numbering right in the centre of the movement for you to cherish as all your own.

The Flymagic in ‘Black Suspense’.

The Swatch Flymagic is exclusively sold at Siam Paragon Watch Expo 2019 from now until 14 July 2019. Location: M/F Siam Paragon, Rama I Road, Bangkok 10330 (10am-10pm). Price: THB 49,900.

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