Get in guys, we’re going star gazing.

And the stars lie not in the sky above, but rather right here on our wrists. Three words: moon phase watches. The watches that may appear as bearing a moon image within their dial. The watches that seem to incorporate the movement of the lunar calendar for no apparent reason. And the watches that, if you knew nothing of them, don’t typically attract much appeal.

It’s understandable. You may not be a werewolf and it may not strike you as wildly important to know about the phases of the moon, yet anyone who has ever worn one will tell you that it’s certainly a dreamy (dare we say ‘out-of-this-world’?) way to approach the passing of time. After all, moon phase watches combine an artful display with some seriously incredible mechanics. They’re not only a graphical representation of what is happening in the sky above, but also celebrate a grand technological feat to fit the 29 days (and 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.9 seconds) of the lunar month within a 24-hour rhythm of time.

Before we get too deep into the rocket science of it, we’ve taken our pick of the best of the horological skies to bring you a list of our current moon phase watch favourites. Bringing a timeless romance that charmingly links us to our moon-watching ancestors of the past, we love these – allow us one last astronomy pun – to the moon and back.

Hero and Featured image credit: A. Lange & Söhne